16 October, 2018

The Ultimate Conference Room Setup for Virtual Offices

In a virtual office a high quality conference room setup is vital. We’ll show you what equipment you need for a flawless connection to run your meetings.

Today, companies are taking advantage of the benefits that a virtual meeting space brings to the table.

The latest trend to sweep corporate America gives businesses the ability to meet with professional partners across the globe. But, unlike the conference calls of yesteryear, virtual boardrooms allow employees the option to connect on a more personal level.

Long distance attendees receive a face-to-face meeting without ever having to leave their office.

Lately, big-name corporations such as Skull Candy and Moz have added modern-day virtual meeting rooms to their offices. But, as they are learning, the right conference room set up is essential.

Without the right set up, this growing trend may not be an effective solution and you risk disrupting the peace among your co-workers.

Read on to learn how to create a virtual conference room setup that’s set up for success!

Tips to Nail the Perfect Virtual Conference Room Setup

Without the right layout, you lose the appeal of the virtual office.

Unlike meetings that take place in person, the camera’s lens limits the viewers perspective. While this can work to your advantage, it can also create chaos if not considered beforehand.

In addition, it’s important that you have everything that you might need within arm’s reach. During a virtual meeting, you don’t want to waste your guests time by searching for misplaced notes or supplies.

Often, employees share this space. This requires everyone to adhere to a strict schedule so that there is an equal opportunity to use the meeting area. Without an organized and efficient layout, it’s less likely that meetings will stick to their allotted time frames.

Here are some tips to make sure your virtual conference room gives everyone who uses it their best shot at success.

1. Top Notch Organization is a Must

When sharing an office space reserved for converging professionals, organization is vital.

You should make sure that you’re stocked with all the basic boardroom supplies, such as pens, legal pads, and presentation materials. This is a responsibility you can assign to a receptionist, or rotate duties so that employees share the responsibility.

Post a set of rules so that they are visible to all who use the conference area. Also, make sure that there is a system in place to address anyone who doesn’t follow office policies.

You should also do your part to prepare for your meetings. Make sure that you leave the area spotless and ready for the next group once your meeting adjourns.

2. Pick the Right Platform

Give yourself time to research the wide range of communication platforms and online conferencing tools available so that you can decide which one works best for you.

Then, before your meeting time, test the features you’ll use, such as video conference calling, to spot potential glitches. Leave yourself enough time to take the necessary steps to correct any issues you encounter.

3. Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Keep an office-wide schedule posted and make sure that it stays current. This will work wonders in encouraging a positive environment and maintaining the peace among colleagues.

Many of the complaints that employees tend to report in regards to sharing a conference space are due to scheduling conflicts. The good news is you can avoid most of these conflicts.

Require employees to reserve this space and asking that everyone makes an effort to stick to their reservation. This simple request can nip a lot of conflicts in the bud before they start.

4. Initiate an Online Discussion to Swap Ideas

Create an online discussion thread that members can contribute to before and after the conference. This allows you to communicate with one another beyond the minutes afforded to you in the boardroom. It also cuts down on the urgency to extend the meeting beyond the reservation.

Also, it allows you to update and purpose any necessary alteration of agreements. This will potentially sidestep the need to schedule other meetings in the near future to revisit one minor detail.

5. Virtual Office Services Offer Big Benefits

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to aid you in setting up an ideal virtual conference space? A professional service might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a cost-efficient strategy that merges several of the features you need the most into one fee.

The rise of virtual office meetings offers today’s professionals a slew of benefits not available in the past. Having a just-right conference room setup is key in determining how advantageous this space is to employees.

Want Help in Creating the Perfect Solution for a Top-Notch Virtual Office Space?

If you need help hand-crafting the ideal conference room set up for your office, we can help.

We can streamline your options and arrange the details before your meeting. Our service alleviates a great deal of stress and eliminates many of the potential (and often unforeseen) problems that might arise. Think of us as your business partner. Our success depends upon yours.

We’ve enabled dozens of professionals like you to meet and exchange ideas virtually, leading to the birth of countless innovations and partnerships in practically every industry imaginable. And, we can do the same for your company, too.

When you have an important virtual meeting, don’t leave the outcome to chance.

Let us help you put together the perfect virtual conference room setup.

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