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Requires an active virtual office subscription

App benefits

Manage your physical mail with ease

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Universal Access. Access your postal mail anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Our app lets you easily view, search, and share your post.

Mail Forwarding. Forward the physical copies of your postal mail to any location or digitally share the PDF document with anyone. Stay updated with push notifications for every new item of post you receive, ensuring timely and efficient mail management.

Team Sharing. Team sharing lets you add members to your account, automating the sharing of postal mail. Stay updated and in sync with the latest mail, whether coordinating with colleagues, accountants, legal departments, or other organisational units.

Secure Mailbox Access. Secure your mailbox with two-factor authentication.

Marketplace. Get exclusive offers specifically tailored for SMEs. From essential business tools to innovative new products, our Marketplace has everything you need to propel your business forward.

Mailbox AI. Meet your intelligent assistant for postal management. Equipped with scanning, categorising, and summarising capabilities, Mailbox AI keeps you informed without overwhelming you with paperwork. Streamline your postal experience and stay on top of your post effortlessly.

Junk Post Assassin. We will filter out unwanted junk mail. Our advanced sorting algorithms guarantee a clutter-free mailbox.

Smart Group Notifications. Optimise communication and productivity with customised notification settings. Create user groups based on specific mail categories to ensure correspondence is promptly directed to the relevant team members.

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Requires an active virtual office subscription

Get fast, easy mobile access with the Hoxton Mix app.

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