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Virtual Office Divert

A virtual phone number that travels with you

A virtual phone number that travels with you iconA virtual phone number that travels with you icon
A virtual phone number that travels with you logo

Virtual Phone

A virtual phone number that travels with you

Give your company a London presence with a 020 London virtual telephone number.

At Hoxton Mix, you can create an established business image with our virtual phone service. Virtual Phone gives you a London virtual phone number that is managed and forwarded by you. Wherever you are, whether you’re local or travelling internationally, you can manage your virtual phone number on the go.

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Never miss an important call ever again

Look professional with a London virtual office phone number

For startups, freelancers and small businesses, having a virtual office phone system can make life easier - and you’ll never miss an important call ever again. For the caller, it will look like they are dialling your London HQ, and calls will be forwarded to your chosen mobile or landline.

It couldn’t be easier to impress important clients. They will phone virtual office numbers with a London prefix and be diverted to you or another team member. Whether you are a sole trader or a limited company, this virtual phone system is designed to help your business scale and grow.

Want a virtual address and phone number? Well for £5.00+ VAT you may want to upgrade your Virtual Office Collect or Virtual Office Forward package with our 020 Virtual Office Divert plan. You do not need any special technology to use our 020 numbers, forward your dedicated 020 numbers to another landline number or mobile.

A virtual phone number that travels with you logo

How it works


Getting a virtual office and phone number service is easy. You won’t need any special technology to get started, and you can forward the calls to any mobile or landline. You’ll only be charged for the duration of any calls that are diverted to you.

Virtual office call forwarding costs

The call diversion cost-per-minute will be the same as a call from your landline, so the cost of a diversion will depend on the type of number you’re diverting to. For example, diverting to a Standard UK mobile number will cost 7p per minute, and diverting to a UK landline will cost 4p per minute. Virtual Office Divert is charged monthly with easy cancellation any time, and there are no sneaky hidden fees.

We accept major international debit or credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and American Express.

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Costs & Destination

Please see below

UK Landline - Cost per min £0.04

UK Mobile - Cost per min £0.07

UK Premium Mobile numbers - Cost per min £0.64

UK Personal - Cost per min £0.90

UK Special Services - Cost per min £0.50

UK Special Services - Other - Cost per min £0.07

UK Mobile numbers - Other - Cost per min £0.64

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