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Virtual Office Divert

Prime London numbers managed and forwarded by you


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Virtual Office Phone - Telephone only


Prime London 020 number

Transfer to UK/EU/US Landline

Transfer to UK Mobiles

Month-to-Month Term

Virtual Office Divert

The 020 number that travels with you

Key Virtual Office Collect features

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Virtual Office Divert Features

Virtual Office Divert

The 020 number that travels with you

Get a London presence
by using Divert

Make your business look bigger by having a London office.

The Hoxton Mix Virtual Office Divert helps your small business sound more professional and manage your 020 number on the move.

For £6.99 £5.00+ VAT you may want to upgrade your Virtual Office Collect or Virtual Office Forward package with our 020 Virtual Office Divert plan. You do not need any special technology to use our 020 numbers, simply forward your dedicated 020 numbers to another landline number or mobile.

You’ll then only be charged for the duration of any calls that are diverted. The call diversion cost per minute will be the same as if you were making a call from your landline. So the cost of a diversion will depend on the type of number you're diverting to.

For example, diverting to a UK mobile number will cost 8p per minute and diverting to a UK a landline will cost 4p per minute.

Our dedicated team are on hand to help you with any queries that you might have.

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Frequently Asked

A cheap business address to impress without the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the Virtual Phone Divert

Can I pick my own 020 number?

Yes. You can select a number that’s just right for you.

Can I divert my number to any mobile or landline?

Yes. You can divert your number to any alternative line.

How long does it take to get set up?

We will have you set up the same business day following your order.

Do you require a contract?

No. You can cancel your plan at any point and you will not be charged anything beyond the current month you are in.

Do you answer my calls?

No. If you require a Telephone Answering Service check out Receivr.

What does the caller pay?

Calls to 020 numbers are charged at the same as calling a UK landline. The calls are usually included in mobile and landline inclusive minutes.

Does Virtual Office Divert replace my phone system?

No. Virtual Office Divet is designed to work with your existing phone service, not to replace it. Virtual Office Divert only handles your incoming calls, your outgoing calls will remain with your existing telecoms provider.

Does it come with voicemail?

No. Virtual Office Divert does not come with a voicemail facility, however, you are able to forward your calls to your mobile, any landline or another device with a voicemail facility.

Do you offer a discount if I buy a Virtual Office Plan?

Yes. Virtual Office Divert is available for £5.00+ VAT per month if you take one of our Virtual Office Plans.

Are callers charged more to dial my 020 number if I'm abroad?

No. Callers will only be charged the standard UK call rates.

Can I forward calls to international numbers?

Yes. You may forward calls to any international number using our low international rates.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

A copy of our Terms & Conditions is available here.

Virtual Office Divert
Virtual Office Divert


Prime London 020 number

Transfer to UK/EU/US Landline

Transfer to UK Mobiles

London 020 number

Month-to-Month Term