Are you self employed and struggling with your accounts?

At the Hoxton Mix we think that being in control and knowing how to manage your finances is a fundamental element of making your business successful. But sometimes this can be a pretty daunting task of the business equation, particularly if you are the more creative type of personality and maths isn’t your strong point. Continue Reading

How a virtual office can help you overcome the Brexit bump.

Back in June 2016 many of us were surprised to see the result of the UK EU membership referendum and regardless of which way you voted, in the short term, UK businesses are experiencing considerable uncertainty. Continue Reading

3 things to think about when working for yourself

Are you about to take that long awaited leap and start to work for yourself? This could be one of the best decision you’ve made in your life and we’re right here alongside to support you. It might be so you can spend more time with your kids, or so you can pursue your ultimate dream (we’d love to know what that is by the way). It might be so you can live nearer the people who are important to you, or maybe you’d just like a break from whatever you’ve been doing for the last 20 years. Whatever the reason, we hope you go for it.

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