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Need to have a difficult conversation? (But don’t know how?)

11 December, 2017

At some point in life you’re going to have difficult conversations, on a personal level or in a business setting.

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Work Life balance. Is it really possible or are you just chasing a myth?

11 December, 2017

We’ve all heard stories about “titans” of business working 15 hour days and skipping meals to make even more time to do the work.

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Should I quit my job? Three simple questions to help you make your mind up.

30 November, 2017

This is probably one of the most challenging questions you have to answer for yourself when you’re starting out with your own venture.

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Why cash flow is King and what to do about it

10 October, 2017

Last week we talked a bit about finances and accounting as a freelancer and this week we’ll take a look at a related area that a lot of new business people like yourself struggle with, particularly when they are just getting started, and that is cash flow.

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Are you self employed and struggling with your accounts?

3 October, 2017

At the Hoxton Mix we think that being in control and knowing how to manage your finances is a fundamental element of making your business successful.

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A virtual office can help you overcome the Brexit bump

19 September, 2017

Back in June 2016 many of us were surprised to see the result of the UK EU membership referendum and regardless of which way you voted, in the short term, UK businesses are experiencing considerable uncertainty.

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3 things to think about when working for yourself

12 September, 2017

Are you about to take that long awaited leap and start to work for yourself? This could be one of the best decision you’ve made in your life and we’re right here alongside to support you. It might be so you can spend more time with your kids, or so you can pursue your ultimate […]

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An introduction to problem solving

29 August, 2017

If you’re feeling a bit out-at-sea when it comes to problem solving, fear not… our trusty lighthouse keeper is here to help you navigate the shoreline. Getting started It’s only natural to feel a little doubt about what you’re doing when you start your business and take those first few steps. At the Hoxton Mix […]

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Seven tips to handle customer complaints

22 August, 2017

If you’ve taken the brave step of getting your product or service out there, you’re probably starting to see how people respond to your product. Hopefully the majority are positive, but on the odd occasion you might experience customers who respond negatively during or after their purchase.

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To Cloud or not to Cloud

15 August, 2017

If you’re just starting out in business or have had your very first idea for a startup you might still be wary of phrases like “the cloud”. But in a relatively short space of time “cloud computing” has become almost synonymous with “computing” itself. We often don’t notice the difference between making use of online […]

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