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Manage your email: take back your inbox and feel good!

You might still hear reports that email is dead but I’m pretty sure you realise this isn’t true. Email can be a blessing or a curse at times but it’s still flexible, instant and convenient. In fact it’s still the most popular way for business people to communicate. But this constant communication can get in the way of productivity and of work/life balance – who doesn’t check their email 20 times a day or look at their work email at least once when on holiday?

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7 reasons a virtual office could be right for you

The Hoxton Mix have been doing Virtual Offices in Old Street for some time now and we often hear from our customers that a virtual office is exactly what they need. They don’t want a physical office and so look for other solutions, sometimes it’s just to save money in the early stages of starting their business but others often find that as they build a remote team, their staff productivity increases, staff turnover decreases (therefore reducing demand on their hiring resources) and their employees and themselves are happier through a better work/life balance.

Ultimately having a virtual office makes your company much more flexible and reduces your exposure to the risk of high overheads when times are quiet.

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Make the City of London your office!

If you’re considering a Virtual Office with The Hoxton Mix the chances are you’ve already considered the freedom that can come from being location independent. But have you considered how choosing your location for work will affect your work itself? Maybe you’re not into the more American approaches for getting “Peak Performance” or “Into the zone!” but it is important to recognise what environment puts you in the best state for getting work done. So when it comes to your “office” why not take full advantage of the fact that you can probably work from almost anywhere.

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