04 February, 2019

Top 10 Things to Do in Shoreditch With Your Employees

After your business meeting, you and your employees may want to relax. Here are 10 fun things to do in Shoreditch.

You and your co-workers are a creative bunch.

Whether you collaborate on extensive design projects or get into some wicked video game debates with your colleagues, you can’t argue the fact that you work with some very unique individuals.

If you’re planning an outing with your creative troupe, consider spending an evening in Shoreditch. Shoreditch is a neighbourhood in East London that boasts a very artsy community.

With everything creative about London in one area, you can guess you and your team will have fun in this wild area of London.

Take a step outside of your virtual office. Here are 10 fun things to do in Shoreditch.

Things to Do in Shoreditch

From good food to street art, here are 10 Shoreditch ideas for you and your employees.

1. Shop

For some, payday is the day when workers pay their bills — or catch up on late bills. But for most, payday means one thing: shopping! And no place in London hosts the best boutiques and shops than Shoreditch.

Boxpark is also fun, even for a London local. The mall made out of shipping containers offers plenty of stores and eats.

Every month, host a payday shopping day and hit all of the best shops in Shoreditch.

2. Gaze at the Street Art

It’s no question that Shoreditch is famous for the intricate graffiti. If you want an employee outing but don’t have the funds to reserve or plan anything, take your employees on a journey to gaze at the street art.

This is not only a great and affordable excuse to connect with your co-workers. The incredible art will help inspire and stimulate your team. This will help when collaborating on various ideas and work projects.

3. Go to the Movies

Visual art isn’t the only artsy thing Shoreditch is famous for. Many indie filmmakers showcase their films at one of Shoreditch’s many cinemas. Some theatres even offer couches, blankets, and even alcohol.

The theatre hosts more than just films. The cinema is a hot spot for comedians and musicians to showcase their talents.

If you want to really live up Shoreditch’s entertainment, see a play. Shoreditch is famous for hosting plays, even from Shakespeare himself. What an amazing way to have a fun night out with employees!

If you’re looking for cinema recommendations, Rich Mix and Electric Cinema are popular amongst locals.

4. Go to the Columbia Road Flower Market

During the end of November and into December of every year, Shoreditch becomes colourful during the weekends. You’ll see every kind of flower, plant, and herb in Shoreditch.

Vendors sell everything between houseplants, delicious herbs and floral bouquets.

Beyond the sights and smells, the Flower Market is lots of fun. There’s live music and other fun events. It’s a great way to spend time with employees, outside of a bar or a restaurant.

5. Go Clubbing

Shoreditch isn’t only famous for its art scene. It also has a very lively nightlife.

If you have the unconventional work environment, take your co-workers out for a clubbing night!

If you would rather lounge with cocktails and caviar, there’s a club for a more luxurious night. Or if you and your employees are a wild bunch, Shoreditch offers plenty of clubs to buy cheap drinks and dance.

6. Eat

Partying isn’t all about dancing and alcohol. Plenty of people would rather party with some curry or fish and chips. If this sounds like the party for you and your employees, consider stopping at one of Shoreditch’s many restaurants.

Shoreditch is especially famous for street food.

Create a street food tour. Stop at each food truck and eat a small dish at each. Or just go to your favourite place and grub out!

7. Watch Sports

If you and your workers are big sports fans, there’s no reason to watch the game alone. Plan an employee outing at any Shoreditch bar to watch the game.

Many Shoreditch bars especially accommodate to football. Whether it’s the FIFA World Cup or a smaller championship game, you know many Shoreditch bars will show all of the biggest games.

What about the employees who aren’t big sports fans? Plenty of Shoreditch bars offer all kinds of entertainment, including games. But seriously, who doesn’t enjoy grabbing a pint and chanting along, even if you don’t follow the games?

8. Grab a Coffee or Tea

If it’s not food or alcohol, you know you and your employees connect well with either a coffee or a cup of tea in your hand. Why not meet after work hours for a relaxing morning or evening with your favourite hot beverage?

Shoreditch offers plenty of relaxing coffee shops that also offer small bites and pastries. Meet with your employees on the weekends for a day of small talk and sipping.

9. View the Historical Sites

London offers some of the richest history in the U.K. and in all of Europe, in general. Even though you and your workers likely know the stories, it’s still worth it to explore the history of this amazing city.

The most popular historical Shoreditch spots are Theatre Plaque (where Romeo and Juliet premiered), Courthouse Hotel, Commercial Ironworks, Arnold Circus Bandstand, and St Leonard’s Church Pump.

10. Go to a Museum

If you want to continue your Shoreditch historical tour, visit one of Shoreditch’s many amazing museums.

Shoreditch is home to the V&A Museum, which is one of the world’s leading museums of art and design. But Shoreditch offers many more museums.

Wesley’s Chapel & Museum of Methodism describes the history of Methodism. Get spooked at the Jack the Ripper museum or the Victor Wynd Museum of Curiosities.

Dennis Severs’ House describes the life of silk-weavers from the 18th century.

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