04 June, 2018

How a Virtual Office Can Help Build Your Startup’s Professional Image

Creating a strong reputable brand is key to gaining the trust of potential clients. Click here to learn how a virtual office can help build your startup’s professional image.

So, you’ve decided to do away with your physical office and rent a virtual office.

From the discussions you’ve had with your friends, this will help you avoid office space costs, allow you to digitize your business, increase your visibility, and make it easy for you to outsource talents.

Besides, the move will help you cut your expenses without destroying your start-up.

But there’s a small question that’s still bothering you. How will your clients see you when you don’t have a physical office?

Well, worry not. You can still create and maintain a professional image without a physical office.

Here’s how a virtual business space can help you build a professional image for your startup.

You’ll Get a Dedicated Business Phone Number

Once you secure a virtual business space, you can also get a free business phone number with a dailing code in that location. This will help you stay in touch with your clients and look professional.

A dedicated business phone number will give the impression that you don’t work alone, even if you do. This will make your clients see your start-up as a well-established company.

But that’s not all.

You can link the business number to your mobile phone and enjoy smart call forwarding.

With this feature, your clients will never know that your communications go through your personal phone unless you tell them.

You’ll also never miss important calls from your clients, partners, and shareholders. Your business number will also come with a feature that allows you to set business hours and after hour’s greetings.

All voice-mails will be forwarded to your email.

On top of the business phone number, you’ll also get a prestigious virtual business address for mail and package forwarding.

All these features and technologies help you and your business look professional.

Live Virtual Assistants

With the increasing use of the internet, there are many channels that you can use to communicate with your clients.

Investing in these digital communication channels is good for your business. But you should note that your customers want to talk to a human being when they call you.

A recent study shows that 73% of customers prefer human interactions to automated phone answering systems.

Investing in virtual offices helps business owners add a human touch to their communications.

If you invest in a virtual office, one of the services often available is a virtual receptionist. Your clients will be talking to a live virtual assistant who is always ready to answer their questions and handle their complaints.

This will be a big boost to your professional image and will give you a competitive advantage.


Let’s face it; if you want to grow your startup business, you have to have meetings.

Virtual business offices are designed to be money savers. With a virtual business space you can also have a meeting room available to book for client meetings when required.

You’ll often have access to time management software that will help you arrange meetings easily.

You get a professional business address without the need for expensive rents and can also hold meetings! What more could you need as a startup.

Appearing professional and well established is often a key to success for a startup business so virtual office services tick all the boxes.

Virtual Offices Guarantee Quality Communications

You may be offering quality products or services but no one will see you as a professional if you have a poor communication system.

Client have become more selective as the amount of competition has grown in many business sectors. They have more choice than ever and want to invest their money in businesses that they can communicate with easily. In fact, the present-day client only works with companies that ensure quality in everything they do.

With virtual business offices, small business owners, like you, are able to get a localised phone number and superior call quality at reasonable charges. Virtual offices use VOIP services to ensure you can be available to speak to wherever you are.

Quality calls will help you stand out from your competitors, and this will be a huge boost to your professional image. Crystal clear calls will also help create the impression that you’re a company that upholds professionalism.

Saving Money to Invest in Your Image

Virtual offices save business huge amounts of money every month.

Look at it this way; if you invest in a physical office, you’ll be required to spend huge amounts of money buying office furniture and hiring people to run the office.

This is expensive and will make it hard for you to build and maintain a professional image when you start you business.

With a virtual office, however, you’ll be able to avoid rent and other office space costs. This means that you’ll always have some cash that you can use to build and maintain the image and reputation of your business.

Outsourcing Ensures Efficiency

Want to work with a web developer in India?

That’s not a problem when you invest in a virtual business office. Virtual offices make outsourcing easy as you don’t have to hire staff to fill an office and look professional.

This means that you’ll be able to access talents from anywhere in the world cheaply.

Outsourcing talents will help cut your costs, increase efficiency, and enable you to provide faster and better services for your customers. It’ll also help you free your energies so you can focus on creating a professional image and concentrate on marketing your business.

Improved Security

To create a positive image in today’s world, you need to protect your clients’ privacy.

If you invest in a physical office, you’ll be forced to spend more money buying and installing a security system that will protect your clients’ sensitive information. Data potection is a big deal in todays modern technological world and has to be taken seriously. Cyber security is important but protecting physical equipment also comes at a price.

This is expensive and can bring your start-up costs to new heights with a physical office space. Virtual offices are usually powered by sophisticated technologies and reliable security systems negating the need to invest in it yourself.

You can be assured that your clients’ information will be safe when you rent virtual offices if you use them for hot desking or stoing a PC for use on an occasional basis.

The security systems that come with your virtual business space not only help improve your professional image but also make it easy for clients to share sensitive information with you.

The Bottom-Line

You don’t need a physical office to create and maintain a professional image.

You can do it with a virtual office.

However, it’s important to ensure you hire a reliable, experienced, and affordable virtual office provider.

Remember to check out our blog for more innovative solutions to the challenges facing small businesses.

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