06 November, 2018

Is Having a Virtual Company Really Better for Your Business?

You’ve heard a good deal about virtual business, but is having a virtual company really better for your business? Read this article to find out.

Over 99% of businesses in the United Kingdom are small businesses or start-ups.

That amounts to 5.7 million small businesses. 

And with businesses sprouting up all over the place, not all of them have the capital to rent or lease an office space for their employees. 

While an office space is nice, in that you can establish a 9-to-5 routine with your employees, have you ever considered running a virtual company? 

Let’s go over some of the benefits of using a virtual office to run your start-up. 

You’ll Save on Rent

Office space can be incredibly expensive. This is especially the case if you’re in a city like London or Manchester. If you’re a small start-up, even a small office space in a prime location is way too expensive to consider.

You won’t need to fork over what might be your entire monthly revenue in order to lease an office building.

This saves you money for your bottom line, giving you more money to improve other aspects of your company.

You’ll Have Clean On-Demand Meeting Space

If you run a virtual office, most of your employees will likely be remote. But every once in a while, you’ll need to have a companywide meeting, or you’ll need to sit down and speak to a client.

For those who have no office space and are entirely remote, you’ll need to whip something up to impress your client. Or, you might have to settle for something less professional like a coffee shop or deli to have your meeting.

Virtual office space gives you access to meeting space whenever you need it. It’s clean, professional and well equipped, giving your company a great first impression for those who aren’t familiar with you. 

A virtual office in London also gives you a central meeting location. With trains and planes coming into London at all hours of the day and night, clients and employees will have a convenient place to meet up.

A London Address Gives You Instant Legitimacy

Many large businesses are in London. You would almost expect the headquarters of any company to be in London. But again, it’s not always fiscally available for small businesses and start-ups.

If you have a virtual office, you can get an address in London without having to pay the extraordinary fee. And this will give you instant legitimacy. Like all of the big-wigs, your business is also in London, even if your workers are all over the country.

You Can Come Together with Remote Workers Through a Virtual Office

Virtual offices are equipped to hold virtual meetings. This means that if half of your employees live up north, in Scotland, or even in another country, they can still make it to an important meeting.

You can broadcast them on a TV screen, and they can see you just by dialing in with Skype or another video conferencing service.

You can have a full-on 21st-century meeting with people all over the country and the world, as well as some of your co-workers there in the flesh.

It Allows You to Separate Business and Pleasure

In the beginning days and months of your start-up, you’ll likely be running it out of your home. That’s fine, but it also means that you never really “switch off.”

Many people who work from home admit to working from their beds rather than their home office. This isn’t recommended, because your brain will then associate the bed with work instead of sleep.

Even if you don’t work from your bed, over time, you’ll start to associate your home with work. Therefore, you won’t really get into a “relax” or “switched off” mode. This can create issues for your relationships, as well as make you generally more stressed out.

If you’re running your business from home, you’ll also likely be receiving business mail to your home. While that’s also fine, it doesn’t help you delineate between home and work. 

With a virtual office, you can have all of your business post sent to your office. You can pick it up when its convenient to you, and when you’re in “work mode.”

This means you’ll deal with work when its convenient to you, and not at the expense of others in your private life. 

You Don’t Need to Hire Support Staff

If you have a regular office, you’ll likely need to hire support staff. They can help with IT, work as receptionists and generally help keep the office running. You might even hire people to help you clean your office at the end of the day or the week.

At a virtual office, all of this is provided for you. You don’t need someone to field calls for you, as the virtual office will do it as part of your package. This means that all of the salaries you’ll save from hiring support staff goes right back where it belongs: into the business. 

Is a Virtual Company for Me?

A virtual company is a perfect solution for the start-up that is just beginning to grow from its infancy. If it isn’t yet mature enough for its own London office, a virtual office is a fantastic in-between. It also helps meet the demands of today’s busy professionals, who are often located all over the country or the world.

A virtual company can help take your business to the next level as you build clients and your company profile. 

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