24 June, 2022

Wondering What a Mail Redirection Cost Is? Discover a Full Price Guide With Hoxton Mix

Mail redirection services are a convenient solution for many businesses, including small limited companies and sole traders working remotely or running a business from home. And mail forwarding is easy to arrange in the UK.

Mail redirection - A price guide

At The Hoxton Mix, our versatile mail redirection systems are a popular add-on for clients already using our virtual office address or London-based business address rental. Let’s explore the typical UK mail redirection costs for various types of services and find out which is the cheapest way to get your important business post taken care of professionally.

Cost of Redirecting Mail in the UK

If you’re curious about virtual mailing addresses in Great Britain, it’s vital to break down the cost to decide if this option suits your needs. 

Mail Redirection Cost for Personal Use

If you’re moving house and want to ensure your mail moves with you, you can use Royal Mail’s service for private addresses. The cost of redirecting mail in the UK starts from £33.99 for three months. If you want to add another person to the same mail address, you will be charged an extra £8.00 per person on top of the lead applicant fee. 

Mail Redirection Cost for Businesses

In the case of a business relocation, Hoxton Mix offers the most cost-effective solution for mail redirection in the UK. The cost of mail redirection starts from £25.00 a month—for the Mail Handling and Forwarding package. So, if a customer sends you a letter, you can redirect it to your home without revealing your personal address publicly. 

Compare this with Royal Mail, which would charge you a minimum of £43.25 per month. But even to get to this price, you’d have to pay for an annual subscription. A short-term subscription would cost you as much as £72.00 a month. 

What’s the Best Mail Redirection Service for Your Business?

To work out post-forwarding costs for your company’s daily needs, you’ll first have to investigate which remote mail handling options exist. Royal Mail offers its own business postal redirection services in the UK, but it’s relatively expensive; virtual mailrooms are often cheaper and offer much greater flexibility.

Royal Mail Options—Costly, Somewhat Inflexible

While some businesses opt for a PO Box-type system, this requires the systematic manual collection of your important post from the drop-off location. If you want your incoming letters and parcels sent to another address through the Royal Mail, you’ll need to register for one of its full redirection services.

Royal Mail redirection prices differ significantly between individuals and companies. Unless you’re a sole trader receiving all work-related correspondence under your name, you’ll likely need to register for one of its full Business Redirection or Business Diversion services. Both are fairly costly, and your company may not be eligible for cheaper options depending on its size and type of premises:

Royal Mail business redirection is offered for businesses that have entirely moved addresses from one location to another and which are not located in a multi-occupancy building (i.e., more than one business at any single delivery address).

The Royal Mail redirection cost is as much as £216 for just three months’ service for a UK company, while for overseas businesses, the price rises to £252 per trading name per quarter.

The Royal Mail Business Diversion service is intended for businesses that have only partly relocated (i.e., individual branch/department moves) or share a multi-occupancy address (i.e., multiple companies located at a single delivery point).

It’s even more expensive, starting at £259.20 per quarter, for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. Larger companies will need to pay as much as £1,206 every three months to get their incoming post diverted to their other premises.

Virtual Mailboxes: Cheap, Versatile Mail Redirection for UK Businesses

A virtual mailroom-based service is often considerably cheaper, offering greater flexibility to decide how your incoming letters are handled on arrival. How much does it cost to redirect mail using one of The Hoxton Mix virtual office packages? It starts from as little as £0.41 per day, with plenty of handy options:

Virtual Office Collect is our basic PO Box-style service. For just £15 per month, all your important letters, documents and small parcels will be received at your virtual business address on the site of our head offices in Shoreditch, central London. They’re promptly logged and stored safely on-site, while an immediate alert is sent out to inform you that new mail is ready for collection at your earliest convenience.

Virtual Office Forward adds a full mail redirection service to the above arrangement. Instead of having to physically collect the newly arrived post yourself, we can arrange to have it forwarded to you at any other UK address as soon as we receive and log it. This is a same-day service, meaning it’s sent to your private location within hours of arriving at your virtual business address. This costs just £25 per month, with no added charges for higher volumes of mail redirection.

Virtual Office Scan Lite is our tech-forward mail redirection package, allowing modern companies to digitise incoming mail into fully searchable digital format for just £20 per month. On receiving your important documents, we scan and convert them to high-resolution PDF documents with full-text search functionality and send them directly to your inbox, cloud storage or internal storage system. Hard copies can either be securely shredded on-site and sent for recycling or forwarded to your address via our Virtual Office Scan Pro service.

How Can the Hoxton Mix Help with Your Mail Redirection Request?

Would you prefer a more holistic approach to your entire remote mail handling and digitisation setup? In that case, we’re also delighted to offer our business clients a newly expanded option in the form of The Hoxton Mix MailRoom.

MailRoom is our dedicated off-site virtual mail-handling service, designed to manage and digitise your company’s entire postal operation through a secure external processing facility. Mail sent to your virtual business address is rerouted to our processing centre, where it’s scanned and converted to high resolution, fully searchable PDF format, then sent directly to your inbox, cloud storage or internal system.

MailRoom is a comprehensive mail-handling service that provides modern businesses with numerous tangible benefits, including:

  • Saving time, space, and money
  • Reducing work hours wasted on sorting and opening letters
  • Helping you move towards a fully paperless office
  • Integrating smoothly with leading cloud storage providers
  • Supporting remote working and home office setups
  • Minimising the risk of disruption or delay to physical mail services

You can learn more about how our virtual MailRoom service works and how it helps make post-handling much more efficient and cost-effective for your business in our recent article exploring how to fully digitise your office mail.

If you’d like to hear more about our London-based virtual office, mail redirection and hotdesking/meeting room hire services, feel free to contact us any time for a chat about your company’s day-to-day needs.


Is redirected mail free?

No, you will have to account for mail redirection fees. But this service is affordable for individuals and businesses and offers incredible value for the price. You just need to find the right plan to accommodate your unique needs; perhaps you’ll also benefit from a few add-ons for an extra cost.

Would I have to pay for the Royal Mail redirection service?

Yes, Royal Mail redirection is a subscription-based service. The mail redirection cost depends on the target address (higher for the EU and the rest of the world) and the purpose (higher for businesses). If you’re redirecting personal mail, the postal redirection cost also depends on the number of members. 

What is the average cost of redirecting mail in the UK?

The redirecting mail cost starts from around £10.00 and goes over £70.00. It’s hard to estimate the average price because you will access different services depending on the provider and the plan you choose. 

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