19 September, 2017

A virtual office can help you overcome the Brexit bump

Back in June 2016 many of us were surprised to see the result of the UK EU membership referendum and regardless of which way you voted, in the short term, UK businesses are experiencing considerable uncertainty. Right now, regardless of size or trading position, no one can say with certainty what the future will hold, with some speculators saying the UK economy will take a hit and others of course disagreeing this can cause some discomfort.

But as a small business or sole trader, this leaves you with an unusually positive outlook. While many large business owners are urgently looking at ways to tighten their belts and ‘Brexit-proof’ their business, you’re able to move with far more speed and agility than bigger competitors to secure your position. 

Cutting Costs

At this stage we fundamentally don’t know what will happen for most businesses because the Brexit negotiations are simply that, they are in negotiation with no decisions finalised yet. But you can still make fundamentally good decisions for your business and project where you might experience the highest risk. And the place to start is with a close look at your budgets, cutting your unnecessary expenses and finding more affordable and flexible solutions for your business needs. One of the areas you can save big, while maintaining a ‘big’ presence, is by making changes to your work-space needs.

We all want to see our business thrive and expand, but with all this uncertainty looming, the last thing you need is to be tied to a long, expensive property lease. Even an office for 1-3 people, if you’re tied in, is going to create weakness and therefore risk in your business that you don’t need. The solution is to set up a flexible way of covering your office and business needs without the expense or commitment involved in long leases or hiring full time admin staff.

In fact, Brexit or no Brexit The Hoxton Mix has always existed to make starting and running your business as risk free as possible and so we have well-established and reliable services in place that you can use to run your growing business while going through Brexit and beyond.

Staying Flexible

Our premium London Virtual Office packages are some of the best value in the UK and you can have the option to increase and decrease your needs on a monthly basis while still maintaining the same London EC2A postcode. We even have a modern business meeting room for you to meet and greet your clients when needed available on an hourly basis. 

Whatever happens with Brexit, London is going to remain a place to do business, so no matter where you are you’ll be able to have your business based right in the heart of London. As we go through Brexit, you’re going to be faced with market fluctuations on a weekly if not daily basis. Having the flexibility of our Virtual Office Collect service will help you transition from pre to post-Brexit without the worry of committing your resources to fixed outgoings through long term contracts that could end up being very costly.

The flexibility of a Virtual Office or our meeting rooms by the hour give you the agility and flexibility to quickly change your requirements as needed (try doing that with 100 employees and a 20 year lease!). If you have a sudden and welcome boost in your business, you’ll be able to meet the demands as our service expands to your needs but if you need to reign things in a little you’re only ever a month away from changing your needs on our monthly packages.

Whichever way business goes you’ll be able to present a strong and steady London presence that gives you a great public facing image and our well-established Virtual Office services will help you create the professionalism and trust that your customers want to see regardless of how Brexit negotiations go.


We’ve all got to start somewhere and as an individual you almost certainly don’t need a full-time, staffed office. In fact, you can have the best of all worlds; a premium London addresswithout the costs, the flexibility to grow with your business and the opportunity to take on a receptionist without the full time salary.

Take a look at our Virtual Office Packages to see how you can benefit from our services. We also provide professional call answering with our virtual receptionist services which means you can stop answering the phones and stay more focused on the things that really matter to you.

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