23 December, 2022

How to a Get Cheap Registered Office Address for Your Business

One of the first steps in setting up a limited company in the UK is registering the business with Companies House. This requires you to provide a registered office address. There is no leeway about it — you must have one, or your business will not be legitimized.

How to get a cheap registered office address

Here’s why you should choose this address carefully — all written communication, including official correspondence, will be sent there. This includes any letters from HMRC, Companies House, or another official government department and agency. If an agency sends you an official notice to your registered address, it will be assumed that your company has received it.

By law, your registered address will be publicly available. But if it’s your home or someone else lives there, you can use a different address; it’s not prohibited or discouraged. This leads us to the next question — choosing an agent who will give you an address to use. Hoxton Mix is the clear answer, so let’s find out more about setting up a cheap virtual office address with our service.

A few quick facts about your registered office address

  • All UK-based limited companies or partnerships are legally obliged to provide the address of a registered office in the UK, as dictated by Section 86 of the Companies Act 2006.
  • This needs to be established before you start setting up and registering your limited company.
  • UK-registered companies must provide an official office address in this country, even if your actual business activity occurs entirely online (for example, eCommerce), or if you conduct most of your day-to-day business activity overseas.
  • While it doesn’t need to be in the same location as your business premises, it does need to be in the same national jurisdiction of the UK (e.g. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) as your company registration.
  • It’s your legal responsibility to ensure that you and/or your company directors will have direct access to any official documents and communications sent out to your business address, on an ongoing basis, from the time of registration.
  • It’s not possible to use a PO Box alone — while it’s OK to include one as part of your publicly available record, there must still be a physical street address and viable postcode attached.
  • Your registered address will appear on the Companies House public record and, as such, will be available to anyone searching for it.
  • For this reason, many companies register a different address for office communications that isn’t the same as their regular trading or business premises. Learn more about the difference in our blog post on trading address vs business address.

What are the Advantages of Buying a Cheap Registered Office Address?

If you’re considering getting a virtual office address in London, here are several arguments to support your decision. 


Some businesses don’t need offices or warehouses and can do everything they need from home. But if the owner wants to keep their home address private, that’s a completely reasonable request. A registered address gives you privacy and assurance that no client will show up at your front door. 


You can get a cheap registered office address for a limited company or a partnership for a fraction of what you’d spend on office rent. You don’t have to stretch your budget to fit ridiculously high London prices. 

Prestigious image

While you can have separate addresses for different needs, your registered address must be public. That means every potential client or partner that looks up your business will associate that address with your brand. And a good address gives you a touch of class and boosts your company image. 

Legal compliance

By law, companies must have a registered office address, which must be a UK address. But what if you operate your business from abroad? Or you don’t need physical premises to keep it going? With us, the solution is simple. 

You can enjoy your freedom of conducting business from anywhere while following the rules.

Easy setup

Set up your address remotely in a matter of minutes. No need to fill out extensive application forms or drive anywhere to submit papers because everything is done entirely online and requires as little effort from you as possible. That’s what Hoxton Mix is for — making your life as a business owner easier. 

Can I buy a registered office address that’s different from my business address?

Yes, absolutely — and when you buy one from Hoxton Mix, you’ll get instant access to some of the cheapest registered office address deals on the market today. We can easily provide you with a convenient and cheap official correspondence address, starting from as little as £41 per day.

Why might I want to buy one?

The correspondence address you register with Companies House is assumed to be the permanent target for all official postal communications going forward. As such, if you don’t want it to be the same as your main physical/trading location, then it’s worth considering which details you’ll use.

  • While it can be changed in future, you’ll need to inform Companies House in advance, complete the necessary paperwork, and pay a fee to register the change on public record officially.
  • If you think your correspondence address may need to change in future or your best option for official communications is personal/residential premises that you’d prefer to keep off the public record — consider buying a registered office address instead.
  • Also, Companies House requires that the name of your company be shown in the address given for the registered office service.
  • Specifically, any signage displayed must be easy to see and read at all times, including outside trading hours or when the business is closed. Again, this may not be ideal at, for example, a private residence.

How does buying a cheap registered office address work?

When you choose a cheap registered office address from Hoxton Mix, you get access to a range of services that you can build into your own bespoke Virtual Office package and tailor it however works best for you.

Among the many benefits of our registered office service are such handy features as:

  • Mail handling, drop-off and pickup services operating Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm
  • Alerts from us when you receive certain types of official communications
  • A prime mailing address at an impressive central London location
  • Easier completion of the Companies House registration requirements and processes
  • No additional postage charges — our flexible-term, low monthly price is all you will pay, regardless of how much post you receive
  • Cancel your plan at any time, with no hidden cancellation fees or charges beyond your current billing period

For more information about how Virtual Office packages or registered office addresses might work for you and your company, contact us today.

We’re always happy to talk you through how things work here at Hoxton Mix and how our products can help you set up your new business more smoothly.


How much does a cheap registered office address cost?

At Hoxton Mix, you can buy a cheap registered office address in London starting from just £15.00 a month. This plan will get you a prime London address that follows the legal requirements and has many benefits associated with the service, such as mail handling, no postage fees, and flexible cancellation. 

What is the cheapest registered office address provider in the UK?

Hoxton Mix is not only the best provider for a cheap registered office address in the UK but also the best value for money. With us, you can use a physical address with a postcode attached to it as your official address for government mail and other correspondence. But you can also take advantage of free perks like help with company formation and post alerts. 

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