13 May, 2021

What is Business Address Rental?

Business address rental is a great way to gain an impressive-looking business address for your company, without the considerable expense or hassle of physically renting a space.

What is business address rental?

Renting a virtual business address can be an incredibly convenient and straightforward solution for small-to-medium companies of all sizes. It’s particularly for those looking to reduce overheads, enabling a more agile or remote approach to staffing and/or working from home, while enhancing business credibility and individual privacy.

Let’s talk a bit more about how it all works.

Why use a business address rental service?

There are lots of good reasons why your startup company - or any business in a period of change, for that matter - might want to get a virtual business address based somewhere deriable, such as the heart of London’s trendy Shoreditch.

As we’ve already noted, it’s a great way to dramatically reduce overheads. Office rental prices are often among the steepest of these, especially for new businesses. They frequently involve signing up to relatively long-term, inflexible contracts at costly per-month rates, which clearly presents a significant risk for growing businesses.

In the traditional landlord-driven model, you’re typically forced to predict what kind of usage you’ll need over the next six months, one year, five years etc. It goes without saying that this can be very difficult to pull off without wasting money. With more and more staff now expecting some degree of mobility in terms of where they log in from, the overall picture is even more difficult to see, but a London virtual office gives you all the flexibility you’ll ever need.

Moreover, if you do have staff working from home - or if your whole business model is run remotely, perhaps from your own domestic address, or as a mobile online operation - then a high-quality business address rental can be highly effective in raising client/customer confidence. It gives your letterheads, contact forms and business cards an instant boost in terms of credibility and validity, offering prospective customers or service users an obvious central point of contact at an impressive real-world London business address.

Speaking of staff working from home, virtual business addresses also help protect individual privacy. Nobody involved in your company will be expected to use their own domestic information when dealing with clients, and owners won’t need to divulge their own personal location details while registering a company with HMRC. This means private addresses are kept out of the public domain, which can be a significant concern for many home office startups and employees.

What does business address rental cost, and what other services might you need?

In short, virtual business addresses are cheap and effective. At Hoxton Mix, for example, our plans start from as little as £0.41p per day. Better yet, you’re not tied to any sort of long-term contract, meaning you can cancel any time you like with no hidden ‘penalty fees’ to pay whatsoever.

This is orders of magnitude less expensive than renting even the smallest office space in London, and yet it gives you the opportunity to run all your important communications via a prime business address in vibrant central Shoreditch.

Furthermore, a London business address rental doesn’t just give you the power to operate a domestic enterprise more cheaply, credibly and flexibly from anywhere in the UK - it’s also ideal for international or overseas-based companies looking to provide a direct point of contact for UK clients and customers. 

Regardless of where you run the day-to-day operations from, your virtual business address will be your official registered company address when setting up your business with HMRC and Companies House, and the destination for all key documents regarding the ongoing management of your company.

By adding various equally flexible bolt-on services to your basic business address rental, you can expand your virtual office to cover various other day-to-day aspects of company admin. Hoxton Mix packages offer everything from full virtual mailbox services to post collection and redirection, digital document scanning and forwarding, and a suite of virtual office phone services.

Find out how renting a business address can provide flexibility and credibility for your business in our comprehensive article.

If you’d like to learn more about the power of business address rental to drive growth and sustainable scalability in your small-to-medium company, feel free to browse our blog for dozens of more articles on the myriad benefits of virtual office services.

If you’re ready to join forces with Hoxton Mix and grab yourself a virtual London business address starting from just £15 per month, get in touch with a member of our team any time - we’ll guide you through the fast, straightforward process in as little as 10 minutes, and you’ll be on your way in no time!

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