Which Industries Most Benefit From Virtual Business Services?

Which Industries Most Benefit From Virtual Business Services? Which Industries Most Benefit From Virtual Business Services?

Which Industries Most Benefit From Virtual Business Services?

8 July, 2019

The virtual business market is expected to grow to approximately $15.6 billion by 2021. Virtual business is in demand because many entrepreneurs now prefer to ditch permanent office spaces. Most of them spend a significant amount of time away from their offices.

This necessitates the need to establish virtual businesses services. Keep on reading to learn the benefits of virtual office!

Advantages of Virtual Business Spaces

The reasons behind this change are many, and they affect businesses across various industries. Among the top reasons is that virtual business cuts down the costs spent on physical office spaces. Secondly, virtual working spaces provide more flexibility than offices.

Working hours are no longer confined to 9 to 5. Work expectations and digital technologies have changed this narrative, making office hours more obsolete. The workplace today assumes availability at all times.

The one-size fits all approach also seems not to be working. Small businesses that want to compete in the digital space must evaluate their requirements. Rented office solutions provide much more choice and flexibility.

Co-working spaces with open plan environments work best for specific situations. Depending on the need at hand, businesses can also go for enclosed spaces, especially when they need privacy and more focus.

When looking for rented virtual office spaces, here are some considerations to make.

  • Configuration options and availability of conferencing spaces
  • Who are the other tenants?
  • Is there a professional lobby greeter?
  • The working hours of the office
  • Are office tools like whiteboards and video conference calls available?
  • What other services does the office space provide?
  • Are there catering options for team, partner, and customer meetings?

The more you can get from a virtual office, the more you’ll save on costs. For these and more reasons, let’s look at the industries that most benefit from virtual business services.

1. Finance and Real Estate

Finance and real estate professionals are rarely in one fixed spot at any one time. Their schedules involve attending different client meetings away from their offices. In the few hours of the day that they need space to focus on their work, day offices, or co-working spaces come in handy for them.

The virtual business spaces can also serve as convenient conference rooms for a client meeting. For purposes of professionalism, choose spaces that are conveniently located near your clients.

2. Law Firms

There’s a great need for legal professionals to keep their operating expenses as low as possible. Virtual business offices services enhance lean office management. They also help the firm pay attention to the finer details.

Legal strategy and paperwork become easier to manage efficiently, making a virtual assistant a natural fit. A virtual office provides all the modern amenities of a traditional office. As a firm, you also benefit from all the office provisions without a long-term commitment.

3. Marketing Firms

In today's digital age, companies are using virtual business assistants to market their services. Virtual services like social media campaigns, Facebook ads, blogging, market research, and article syndication are some of these services.

Marketing firms need to spend more time focusing on working on client deliverables. However, they also spend more time in brainstorming sessions with their clients and colleagues. Their clients have high expectations when it comes to their offices, which can add up the costs.

The industry is also demanding, with clients based in geographically dispersed locations. In such situations having a virtual business office space where you can meet clients on demand is crucial. Virtual offices provide the convenience required, including cost efficiency and improved flexibility.

4. Entrepreneurs

For any entrepreneur that's starting their business, office rent and associated costs can cripple the business. You can abandon the overheads that come with permanent offices and use virtual business spaces only when you need them.

Co-working spaces provide an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and small businesses. The conference rooms also give you private and professional space for meeting with your clients and partners.

5. Healthcare

Healthcare professionals also run hectic lives, moving from one medical center to another. They also spend time in a series of meetings with physicians, staff, and insurance companies. Having a fixed physical office may not make sense since you spend a lot of time away from it.

Virtual business offices can make a lot of sense in such situations. They’re ideal when you need to spend some focused time on paperwork and other projects. You can also arrange for meetings and choose depending on location, room size, configuration, and presentation tools.

6. Trade Services

This applies to service providers like plumbers, mechanics, or landscapers who tend to miss out on opportunities. When you call a service provider but can't get hold of them, the next thing to do is call the next available person. This can significantly affect business for the service provider.  

Skilled trade professionals know the advantages that come with virtual office services. One of them is that they reduce the chances of losing potential leads due to missed calls. Virtual offices provide services like answering phone calls; hence ensuring clients have the first point of contact.

Trained virtual assistants can schedule appointments and attend to clients’ queries and concerns. They also play a role in building valuable relationships with new and existing clients. Businesses and services providers are always assured that they’ll put their best foot forward at all times.

Final Thoughts

The traditional working space is changing to accommodate what is now the virtual office space. This means that firms no longer have to operate from a fixed physical office location. Virtual offices are advantageous to many offices since they help cut down on overall overhead costs.

The advantages of having a virtual office cut across the different types of businesses. Apart from cutting down on costs, a virtual office ensures all-time availability. The virtual assistants are available to pick calls and book appointments even when the business owner isn’t available.

Virtual business services mean that your business doesn’t have to remain a 9 to 5 affair. Work from anywhere, stay in touch with your customer and grow your business. Whether you're in healthcare, legal services, finance, marketing, or trade profession, virtual functions are for you. 

If you're looking for a virtual office, be sure to contact us today.