20 January, 2023

7 Pro Features of Virtual Office

It’s not a secret that it can be expensive to run a small business or start-up. Managing a virtual office can give your business the edge it needs to increase profitability and maintain competitiveness without undermining your brand’s reputation or costing as much as a regular office. A virtual office is a great solution for your business, but it's important to learn what are the features of a virtual office before making any commitment. This article will run you through the main features your virtual office needs and why it is crucial to give them your prime focus.

Pro features of a virtual office

As our world is becoming increasingly globalised, the workforce has changed its priorities drastically. Most businesses don't need physical offices anymore. The emergence of smart gadgets, digital infrastructure as well as hybrid and remote platforms for work changed the game. In addition, recent pandemics have proven the importance for companies to think about new approaches and find ways of implementing them not only now but also in the future.

Companies and staff have realised the advantages of remote work since the COVID-19 outbreak. Numerous businesses are shifting to a permanent hybrid work paradigm as a result of this unforeseen experiment's popularity. According to ZIPPIA statistics, 74% of American businesses deploy permanent hybrid work models now or intend to do so in the immediate future. Moreover, 63% of fast-growing companies deploy a hybrid "productivity anywhere" work paradigm. Though companies tend to put more effort into developing their online services, they still need a nice address to list on their cards. It's essential to choose meeting locations that are both exquisite and accessible. If you are a starting entrepreneur and want to grow your revenue, consider the described below virtual office pro features for your business.

The More Pro Features Your Virtual Office Has, The More Benefits You Get! 

Be productive

You may work wherever you choose with a virtual office, including in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even outside. You may recruit workers all across the globe and save money on overhead and technological expenses. Such flexibility helps businesses increase productivity and workers' overall performance. In addition, companies that adopt elements of virtual offices are more likely to stand out among their industry competitors. 

Be professional

Having a virtual office ensures that your business is legitimate and professional since you get a physical address and phone number. You will appear more convincing in the eyes of your potential customers if you write these details on your business cards, emails, and websites. 

Be eco-friendly

Not only does a virtual office for a small business benefit you productivity-wise, but it also makes the environment cleaner since you needn’t commute. You can lessen your carbon footprint and contribute to the preservation of the environment by reducing the number of times you use a car or public transport for commuting. With a virtual workplace, no traffic jams, crowded streets or late buses are an obstacle for your ambitious working day.

Go ahead

Virtual offices are particularly beneficial for IT companies and small businesses. Many business owners opt to invest their time and money in the products and services they offer rather than real estate. Investopedia says 45% of start-ups that fail will advance in the next five years. For this reason, business owners put less emphasis on paying leasing costs and focus on developing a comfortable website. If you use a virtual office for a startup, the likelihood that your business will succeed is higher.

Virtual Office Features Your Business Must Adopt Today

Packages for virtual offices provide a variety of must-have virtual office features. The virtual office collects standard features of a virtual workplace which are indispensable for your business. These services may be adapted to your company's needs and are customisable. Here is the list of the most important ones:

Business Addresses

An immediate business address is a practical and affordable option for business owners looking to increase their reach or make their business look more professional. It synchronises all aspects of business and may be used for communication with customers and employees as well as for corporate papers, business cards, and web listings.

Speed internet

Most contemporary companies require many things, including a quick internet connection. This is one of the most crucial virtual office elements for a variety of important procedures like hosting video conferences, sending messages to team members, sharing your screen with others, etc. That's why fast internet access is vital to ensure your workflow goes smoothly.

Modern telecommunication system

Businesses have to increase virtual offices' unified communications capabilities to ensure effective communication. It is critical to determine whether your virtual office has a hosted phone system. Unified communications solutions provide the seamless integration of phone conversations, video, email, instant messaging, and other means of outreach.

Updated and optimised website

The first impression matters most. An ordinary user can determine whether or not they are attracted to your website within the very first seconds. That implies you must guarantee that potential customers recognise your website as well-organised and easy to use. Take some time to sort information and make it more comprehensible for your clients. These might represent your offerings, pricing points, or even positive consumer feedback.

Functional web chat tools

One of the most often used communication methods, for the time being, is web chat. Make sure the virtual office systems you select can give you and your clients the greatest communication resources available. Customers may rapidly receive answers to their questions using web chat. 

Online meetings

For in-person meetings or video conferencing, a virtual office gives you access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, and innovative breakout rooms. It only takes a few clicks on our smartphone app to schedule a meeting with your coworkers on the spot for an exact time and duration. The last thing you want to do is waste time or keep customers waiting because working days can be pretty hectic often. If you're in a bind, these online meetings could be the best option.

Live receptionist

A live or automated receptionist functions similarly to a physical one and makes your company appear bigger than it is. Your virtual office frequently allows you to set up an automated or live receptionist. To collaborate with the receptionist, you will require a corporate phone system similar to those in call centres. This has other capabilities in addition to allowing calls to be routed.

If you ask yourself what features I need from a virtual office, consider this concise collection. There are more essential features of a virtual office, but those mentioned above are a base for growing a sustainable and productive workplace.

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What are the key features of the virtual office service?

The features of a virtual office might vary depending on the provider and the location, but they essentially include business address, internet access, conference rooms, and call handling.

How to set up a virtual office?

First of all, you need to determine your goals and strategy. Once you’ve done that, choose appropriate tools and virtual office pro features for your convenient workplace. The Hoxton Mix manages everything for you. Follow and get your perfect virtual office.

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