Get a business loan and receive 0.5% Cashback.


Get a business loan and receive 0.5% Cashback.

Funding Circle Cashback


Looking to give your business a boost? Whether you need to expand your inventory, invest in new equipment, or improve your cash flow, Funding Circle has the perfect hassle-free loan solution for the users of the Hoxton Mix marketplace.

With Funding Circle, you can access flexible funding options for your business both short- and long-term solutions. 

Business loans

Funding Circle customers can borrow anywhere from £10,000, up to £500,000 for almost any purpose. Benefit from fixed rates, ensuring you have full control over your monthly payments and cash flow. Enjoy flexible terms ranging from 6 months to 6 years, with no early settlement fees. 

Worried about the cost? Don't be! You can get a personalised, no-obligation quote without any charges, allowing you to discover just how much more you could borrow.
And the best part? You won't have to wait long for a decision—Funding Circle provides fast turnaround times, with decisions often made in as little as 1 hour. Once approved, funds typically arrive within 48 hours, giving you the capital, you need when you need it most.

Line of credit

Funding Circle has introduced FlexiPay, for Hoxton Mix users. FlexiPay is an innovative solution that provides even more flexibility to manage your business finances. 
Apply for FlexiPay once and, if approved, you’ll get a line of credit from £1,000 to £250,000. When you have an invoice to pay, simply enter the details online and we’ll make a secure payment in your name. You then repay over 3 months for a flat 4.5% fee.

Businesses in our marketplace are already using FlexiPay to pay VAT, energy or other business bills, purchase stock or equipment, bulk buy or negotiate better terms with suppliers, and spread quarterly costs out monthly.

Here's how it works:

  1. Apply online in minutes: Simply tell us about you and your business through our online form.
  2. Get your line of credit: Your credit limit will typically be 3% of turnover up to a maximum of £250,000.
  3. Submit a business cost: Log in and enter the details of the bill, invoice or other business cost and we’ll make a secure payment in your name.
  4. Repay over 3 months: You’ll repay in 3 equal instalments, with 0% interest, and a flat 4.5% fee on each invoice.

Funding Circle and FlexiPay, in collaboration with the Hoxton Mix marketplace, are setting a new standard in business financing. 

Offer Details

Take advantage of our exclusive offer and receive 0.5% cashback on the total value of your loan. 

Eligibility Requirements

With Funding Circle, finding out is quick and easy. Fill out the online form; within 30 seconds, you'll know if you meet the eligibility requirements. What’s great is that you can if you’re eligible, and won't affect your credit score so that you can explore your options without any worries!s.

How to Apply

  • Click "Unlock this deal"
  • Complete the online form and discover if you're eligible for a Funding Circle loan.