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Unilever opens its doors to The Collective

Unilever opens its doors to The Collective

Unilever opens its doors to The Collective

28 May, 2014

We love working with startups. We love that eureka moment when you understand the core of the concept and suddenly realise how it might be applied to your own company or clients. We especially love that state of mind when 3 or more startups get together and understand each others concepts, and start to fuse them together to create other ideas, other possibilities.

So when Unilever asked us to bring as many startups as we could fit into their London office venue… we did.

Yesterday afternoon twenty six startups descended on Unilever house and pitched for 3 minutes each to a number of Unilever brand, marketing, eCommerce innovation & strategy and Global IT managers.

They came from far and wide. From Ireland, all parts of the UK, Israel, Russia and and Portugal.

They varied wildly from social entity modelling, crowd media platforms, virtual reality specialists, social media services, B2C apps, video production and more.

After the pitch sessions, we cracked open a few beers and brainstormed a variety of joint projects using all the tech we had just learned about alongside current project requirements for Unilever brands.

The final presentation was from Vivida and captures the atmosphere of the day perfectly.

This was their 3 minutes.