28 March, 2019

The Hoxton Mix CEO Joins Panel Discussion at American Express "Looking Outwards" Conference

The Hoxton Mix, a leading business services provider, was proud to have its CEO, Chris Sees, participate in the panel discussion at the recent American Express "Looking Outwards" conference. The panel comprised experts from diverse business sectors, including healthcare, well-being, and entrepreneurship.

The panel discussion was the highlight of the conference's penultimate session, focusing on the panellists' experiences and insights into the challenges and concerns facing businesses today. The discussion also explored their views on the future of UK businesses, providing valuable insights for attendees.

As a respected industry leader, Chris Sees shared his expertise and unique perspective on the business landscape, drawing from his extensive experience in the field. The panel discussion was an excellent opportunity for The Hoxton Mix to showcase its expertise and demonstrate its commitment to supporting UK businesses.

Overall, the American Express "Looking Outwards" conference was a great success, and The Hoxton Mix was thrilled to have participated in such a valuable and insightful discussion. The company looks forward to continuing to play an active role in shaping the future of UK businesses.

Here are the questions that Chris was asked during the Q&A session, along with his responses:

What three things make you happy about coming to work every day?

"Three things that make me happy about coming to work every day are working with a passionate and talented team who shares my love for technology, collaborating with innovative startups and witnessing their game-changing ideas come to life, and creating new products and services that empower businesses to grow and succeed".

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today?

"One of the most significant challenges facing UK businesses today is Brexit's uncertainty. This uncertainty has the potential to impact the UK technology and innovation sectors negatively, as well as business investment, both of which are crucial for the UK economy to thrive. The lack of investment in these areas could result in cuts to R&D tax relief and Entrepreneurs' relief, making the UK less attractive to investors and startups. As a result, we must prioritise investment in these sectors to ensure that the UK remains competitive on the global stage".

As a founder of 2+ businesses, when you came to found the Hoxton Mix, your second company, were you nervous about leaving Square Circle Media, your first company? Did you approach things differently the second time around?

"As an entrepreneur running multiple companies, I have found that leveraging my previous experience has been critical in creating efficient and successful businesses. Specifically, in founding the Hoxton Mix, I applied the lessons learned from Square Circle to create a more streamlined and effective operation. Building upon my past successes and experiences, I could optimise my business practices and achieve greater success".

What are the main changes that have occurred in your business area in the last five years?

"Over the past five years, our business area has seen significant changes, including the rise of remote working and the widespread adoption of cloud computing. Additionally, computing has gone mainstream with the proliferation of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Looking to the future, we anticipate the integration of AI and machine learning technologies will significantly impact businesses, providing new opportunities for growth and innovation. In this fast-paced digital world, businesses must adapt to these changes to stay ahead of the curve and thrive".

How do you find your interaction with American Express at the moment?

"My experience with American Express has been consistently positive, and I value the proactive support provided by our dedicated account manager, Xenia".

Every year, we send our clients a survey with a question along the lines of How likely are you to recommend your Amex Card to another business owner? What would be your response on a scale of 1-10?

"If I had to rate my likelihood of recommending American Express to another business owner, it would be a solid 8".

If we could wave a magic wand, what one thing would you like us to change about American Express?

"If I could have multiple waves, one of them would be to see American Express introduce more innovative features similar to those offered by challenger banks. Essential features such as free ATM withdrawals, interbank exchange rates, and the ability to freeze cards would be great additions to American Express's offerings.

In addition, an automated Xero reconciling feature that automatically obtains and reconciles receipts would significantly improve our business operations, saving us valuable time and effort".

What do you need from a financial services partner, and do we currently provide that?

"As an entrepreneur, I'm looking for a financial professional who not only understands our business but also shares your values and has a vested interest in your success - having a financial partner who is a fan of your business and invests in your growth".

As we move towards a break and thinking about some downtime, can we ask you – what do you do to relax and balance work and life?

"Maintaining a work-life balance is critical to my success, and I prioritise spending quality time with my family on weekends. My wife and kids are essential in helping me recharge, and I enjoy participating in activities like martial arts, tennis, and cycling, as well as unwinding by watching a good movie."

The Hoxton Mix has a history of collaborating with American Express. Last month, we were featured in a case study entitled "How a Coworking Space Kept Their Business Moving by Balancing Their Cashflow".

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