03 January, 2023

The Hoxton Mix Featured in Crisp Video Testimonial: Revolutionising Customer Support

We're excited to share that The Hoxton Mix has been featured in a video testimonial for Crisp, a leading website chat and customer support system. Crisp allows businesses to interact with their new and existing customers on any channel, making it a valuable tool for customer support.

Crisp video featuring the Hoxton Mix

In the video testimonial, Chris Sees, Co-founder and CEO of The Hoxton Mix, shares his experience using Crisp and highlights some of its key features. One of the things that attracted Chris to Crisp was the size of the chat widget and the fact that it uses VanillaJS, which means it has no dependencies and has services spread all over the world, resulting in no problem with latency. He also praised the Crisp team for doing a great job in making it user-friendly and intuitive.

Chris also mentioned how over time, Crisp becomes more and more innovative, with new plugins and features being added all the time. He specifically mentioned the MagicBrowse feature, which allows The Hoxton Mix to support customers in real time, leading to a better customer experience.

But Crisp is more than just a customer support tool for The Hoxton Mix. It's also an important conversion tool, as Chris explained. Being able to convert customers through the tool has made it invaluable, as it's something that they use on the same level as Google Ads and PPC campaigns. Investing in Crisp monthly, The Hoxton Mix can get more customers and grow their business.

Being featured in Crisp's video testimonial is a testament to The Hoxton Mix's value on customer support and its commitment to providing the best customer experience possible. Crisp's innovative and user-friendly platform has been an invaluable tool in achieving this goal, and we look forward to continuing to use it in the future.

Finally, we are excited to announce that the Hoxton Mix will be launching a marketplace in April 2023 where our customers can access the best startup and entrepreneur discounts. This will allow our customers to save thousands of pounds on software and services instantly.

As part of this initiative, we are proud to offer our customers a 20% discount on Crisp and a 30-day free trial.

At the Hoxton Mix, we are committed to helping our customers succeed. By providing access to exclusive discounts on valuable tools like Crisp, we hope to help our customers save money and grow their businesses. So don't hesitate to take advantage of this offer and sign up for Crisp today!


What is Crisp?

Crisp is a leading website chat and customer support platform that enables businesses to interact with customers on various channels, providing a seamless and efficient support experience. It offers features such as live chat, chatbots, helpdesk, and email integration.

How is The Hoxton Mix connected to Crisp?

The Hoxton Mix has been featured in a video testimonial for Crisp, sharing their positive experience using the platform and highlighting its key features. The Hoxton Mix uses Crisp to enhance customer support and as a valuable conversion tool for their business.

What is the upcoming Hoxton Mix marketplace?

The Hoxton Mix is launching a marketplace in April 2023, offering customers the best startup and entrepreneur discounts. This initiative aims to help customers save money on software and services, supporting their business growth.

What is the special offer on Crisp for Hoxton Mix customers?

As part of the Hoxton Mix's commitment to helping customers succeed, they offer a 20% discount on Crisp and a 30-day free trial. This exclusive offer allows customers to save money and benefit from Crisp's valuable features for their businesses.

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