15 May, 2018

The Five Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs (And How to Emulate Them)

When you hear that mystical word ‘entrepreneur’, which names immediately spring to mind? Is one of them legendary Apple cofounder Steve Jobs? Perhaps Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates? Well you’ll be pleased to know you passed the test, as the answer to that question doesn’t really matter. Whichever ultra-achievers spring to mind, you can guarantee this: they all share certain defining characteristics.

But what exactly is it that thrusts an entrepreneur to the upper echelons of the business world? For sure there’s an element of luck – though it’s said winners even determine their own dose of this. Few are born with Oprah’s magnetism or Jobs’ creative brilliance, so how do us mere mortals make it an even playing field?

Well, there are particular traits all entrepreneurs possess – and the most prosperous are experts at nurturing them. This is something that fascinates us here at the Hoxton Mix, and we want to share that passion with you. So, without further ado, let’s run down the five traits seen in every successful entrepreneur.


‘Passion for what?’, we hear you say…

Passion for life

Great entrepreneurs believe they can change the world for the better – and will do whatever it takes to succeed. They love networking, building a great contacts list and expanding their brand. If you don’t get a kick out of meeting and working with new people, growing a business could prove nigh on impossible. Learn to love working with others at the right time, however, and you will benefit infinitely.  If you’re already an expert in the art of meetings, why not check out our great value London Meeting Rooms?


A large part of entrepreneurship is one’s ability to deal with failure (because you can guarantee there will be plenty of it along the way). Instead of being discouraged by slipups, true entrepreneurs welcome them as learning opportunities. It’s not about how you respond to success, after all, as anyone can sail the calm waters of fortune. It’s about how you weather the storm of failure – and then bounce back with a bang. 


Success doesn’t come knocking at your door – you have to pursue it. Many of the most famous entrepreneurs weren’t born into wealth; they had to do things the hard way instead. Take Harry Potter author JK Rowling, for example, who was a broke single mother on benefits prior to her first novel’s release in 1997. If you rely on others to motivate you, you’ve got no chance of succeeding with your own business. Work on doing things yourself, flying solo and being a genuine go-getter. Our Virtual Phone service is a great way to cut down on needless interruptions and up your focus game.


Nobody knows what’s around the corner in business, so it’s imperative that entrepreneurs have the confidence to handle adverse situations. Equally, to get the best out of your workforce – the cornerstone of your business – you first need to lead well and inspire others. To boost your own leadership skills start taking the wheel at every opportunity – be that in a sports team or even on your next group holiday. And remember: everything starts at the top.


Being a business owner demands extreme levels of flexibility. From unreasonable client demands to your ‘fool-proof’ game plan failing – there are innumerable situations that require immense flexibility. If you’re someone who loves routine (and hates change), the volatile nature of business could prove one of your most difficult hurdles. Learn to live in the moment and be prepared to reschedule, cancel, and reschedule again. But most importantly of all, when something isn’t working, be honest, flexible and brave enough to address it.

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