08 January, 2024

Can a PO Box be Used as a Registered Office in 2024?

The UK government has introduced a significant change in company law, particularly impacting how businesses use PO Boxes as their registered office addresses. Starting from March 2024, the use of PO Boxes will no longer be permitted for this purpose. This legislative shift aims to enhance the transparency and reliability of company data. It's a move that directly affects a myriad of businesses, especially those operating remotely or without a physical office.

Can a PO Box be Used as a Registered Office in 2024?

Understanding the Change

The new legislation, part of the UK's broader effort to combat economic crime, requires companies to have an 'appropriate address' as their registered office. This move targets issues like fraud and misrepresentation by ensuring that all registered businesses have a traceable and verifiable location. This change, while crucial for maintaining integrity in business operations, poses a challenge for companies relying on PO Boxes for their official address.

Why This Matters

For many small businesses, startups, and remote enterprises, using a PO Box has been a cost-effective and convenient way to manage their mailing needs while maintaining a degree of privacy. The new law necessitates these businesses to rethink their strategy and find a new solution that aligns with the legal requirements.

The Hoxton Mix Advantage

This is where The Hoxton Mix comes into the picture, offering a viable and advantageous alternative. Located in the heart of London's Old Street, The Hoxton Mix provides virtual office packages that offer businesses more than just a mailing address. These packages include a prime London address that fully complies with the new legal requirements.

Services Offered

The Hoxton Mix understands that each business has unique needs. Therefore, it offers a range of London virtual office packages designed to cater to different requirements. Whether it's mail scanning, a dedicated London telephone number, or meeting room access, The Hoxton Mix has a solution. Their services ensure that your business maintains a professional image, complete with a prestigious London address, while you enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working from anywhere.

Transitioning from PO Box to The Hoxton Mix

For businesses currently using a PO Box, transitioning to a virtual office solution like The Hoxton Mix is not just a compliance measure but also an opportunity to upgrade their business presence. A London address can enhance your brand's prestige and credibility, providing an edge in a competitive market.

Amendment to the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act

Please note that the upcoming changes to the UK company law, particularly regarding the use of PO Boxes as registered business addresses, are an amendment to the existing Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act. This Act forms a part of the UK's ongoing efforts to enhance corporate transparency and combat economic crime.

For businesses, individuals, and legal professionals seeking to understand the full extent and implications of this Act, comprehensive details can be found on the official legislation document. We encourage all interested parties to review this document for a thorough understanding of the legal changes and how they may impact your business operations.

For more information on the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act, please visit: Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023.


The change in UK company law represents a pivotal moment for businesses. While it necessitates a shift from the traditional use of PO Boxes, it also opens doors to new possibilities with services like The Hoxton Mix. By choosing a virtual office solution, businesses can ensure compliance with the new law, while benefiting from a range of professional services that elevate their business presence.

For more information on how The Hoxton Mix can assist your business in this transition, contact us today.


What is the UK's Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act?

It's a law aimed at increasing transparency in business operations to combat economic crime, including changes to company registration requirements.

How does this Act affect business addresses?

It prohibits the use of PO Boxes as registered business addresses from March 2024.

Why is this Act important for businesses?

It enhances data accuracy and combats fraud, ensuring businesses have a verifiable location.

What is KYC and why does The Hoxton Mix perform it?

KYC, or Know Your Customer, is crucial for verifying clients' identities. This is essential for complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and ensuring services are not misused for fraudulent activities.

How does The Hoxton Mix conduct KYC?

The Hoxton Mix conducts KYC by requiring users to submit proof of identity, like a passport or driving license, and proof of address. They also utilise electronic verifications for UK-based clients and require additional certification for international customers.

What checks are part of electronic verification?

Electronic verification checks against a wide array of sources. These include sanctions lists, databases of national politicians, and entities involved in crime. This comprehensive approach ensures that the verification covers various aspects of a person or a company's background.

Is the information checked only against UK databases?

No, the information is matched against global databases. This includes international sanctions lists and politically exposed persons (PEPs), ensuring a thorough background check beyond national databases.

How does this verification process benefit Hoxton Mix customers?

This process ensures that The Hoxton Mix operates within legal boundaries and maintains a trustworthy client base. It also adds a layer of security and credibility for all clients associated with The Hoxton Mix.

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