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Virtual Office Scan Lite

£20.00 Per Month + VAT. Flexible Month-to-Month Term

We’ll scan all your incoming post, convert to PDF with
full text search then send directly to your inbox.

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Pay annually & get 2 months FREE That's a saving of £40.00 a year


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Flexible Month-to-Month Term

2 Months FREE


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12 Months for the price of 10 Months

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VAT @ 20% £4.00


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How it works


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We get your post

Use our Prime London address, and we will receive your post.

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We scan & digitise

All scans are done in high resolution then converted to PDF with full-text search.
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We deliver

Mail is delivered directly to your inbox, cloud storage, or internal systems. Physical copies are securely shredded, with a Certificate of Destruction (COD) provided. Shredded waste is baled and recycled..

Prime Mailing Address

Your Company Name, 3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE.eet, London EC2A 4NE.

Secure Shredding

Physical copies are securely shredded. Shredded waste is baled and recycled.

Month-to-Month Term

Cancel at any point.

Important document handling

Storage, Pick Up Point and forwarding available for important items such as bank cards. (See fees)

Use as your Registered Office Address

Register our address with Companies House as your registered company address.

No Hidden Charges

Our monthly price is all you will pay, regardless of how much mail you receive.

Same-day Service

We scan and email all your post to you the same day it is received. Physical copies are securely shredded. Shredded waste is baled and recycled.

Coworking membership

Meeting Room & Hot desk access on a per hour basis.

Scanning With Full Text Search

All scans are done in high resolution then converted to PDF with full text search.

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Same-dayscanand email service
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Set up a Scan Lite plan in 10-minutes or less

Our average set up time is just 10-minutes with no setup fees

Scan Lite is the perfect solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to establish a presence in London’s dynamic technology hub.

Just £20.00 per month (+VAT) for a Prime Mailing Address and Same-day mail scanning and email forwarding.

Our dedicated team will open your letter securely and then convert them into actionable, digital documents. All scans are in high resolution and then converted to PDF with full-text search. Scans can be sent directly to your email or even to cloud storage platforms.

We keep the original letter in storage at our dedicated mail handling Pick Up Point for 30 days in case you need the original copy. Paper copies are securely cross-shred with a Data Destruction Certificate. The shredded waste is baled and picked up by a commercial recycling partner.

Need a physical copy of essential items such as bank cards or cheques?

We ask for you to top your account up with a deposit for mail forwarding and storage. If you need to receive the physical copies, we can forward a physical copy to you in the UK or store it for collection at our office.

We charge £1.50 for a Standard letter and £2.50 for a Large letter. If you opt to collect a physical copy in person from our London office, it will need to be collected within 30 working days from the date we received it, not to incur any storage fees. We hold mail for 30 days before securely destroying the item.

Need a physical copy of essential items such as bank cards or cheques? icon

Virtual Office Scan Lite Prime Central London Address with same-day mail scanning

Key features

Virtual Office Scan Lite Key features icon

Safe Cancelling at any time

Top quality post code with excellent office building appearance

Companies House official company registered address included for free

No handling costs for post – everything is fully included

Legal address for HMRC correspondence included for free

Receive all your business letters

Rent meeting rooms from £35/hour

Average set up time of ten minutes with no setup fees

Email alerts for every piece of post

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Your Privacy

Security and privacy are built into everything we do.

At Hoxton Mix, we take the responsibility of processing mail seriously, so you can feel confident that private and confidential information will remain so.

Secure Facility icon

Secure Facility

A secure facility that has 24/7 monitoring and restricted access technology.

Employee Screening icon

Employee Screening

Fit and proper background checks and extensive training of all employees.

Mail Tracking icon

Mail Tracking

Physical mail is sorted, bar-coded, and tracked under strict security standards to ensure privacy is never compromised.

Secure Destruction icon

Secure Destruction

Secure cross-shredding of confidential paperwork and provision of a Certificate of Destruction.

Our team is highly experienced and have helped thousands of businesses to thrive.

Hoxton Mix TeamHoxton Mix Team

Frequently Asked Questions

A cheap business address to impress without the costs

Can I get my scanned letters by e-mail?

Do you provide a mail scanning and mail forwarding service?

Can I access my post from anywhere in the world?

What are scanning services for mail?

What is the difference between the Scan Lite and Scan Pro plans?

Our Address

3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street,London,EC2A 4NEDirections

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 18.00pm

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James Cooper

Verified Buyer: Yes
Looked at a lot of mail forwarding services and chose this one. Very happy so far with the mail forwarding. Customer service is also responsive.


Verified Buyer: Yes
Ash was knowledgeable and answered all my questions accurately and was friendly. Well done.

Maria M

Verified Buyer: Yes
I've been using Hoxton Mix for about 2 years now and I've never had any issues whatsoever, prices are very reasonable and their customer service is top notch! Excellent value for money and I will keep using them. Keep up the great work guys! 10/10

abdullah jamil

Verified Buyer: Yes
Best company ever Very helpful staff Brilliant customer service

Ruben Yedigaryan

Verified Buyer: Yes
The review received a rating of 5 stars, but there were no accompanying comments or feedback.

Samuel Adebayo

Verified Buyer: Yes
Great support