A cheap virtual office doesn’t mean a cheap business…

A cheap virtual office doesn’t mean a cheap business… A cheap virtual office doesn’t mean a cheap business…

A cheap virtual office doesn’t mean a cheap business…

1 December, 2015

You might be on the hunt for a cheap virtual office in London but make no mistake, having your business registered at the right location can make all the difference when attracting new clients. (The Hoxton Mix is a virtual office company. Follow this link to lean what a virtual office is and why it is useful.)

Do you recognise that saying “Dress the way you want others to think of you”?

It’s the same for your business, have you thought about how you’re ‘dressing’ your business? Of course appearance isn’t everything (as some might say), you do have to be able to produce the goods! But when everything else is equal and you’re just as good as your nearest competitor, why will your prospective client choose you over the competition? In many cases your potential client will choose the business that’s giving off the right signals.

But what are the right signals? Robert Cialdni labels those signals as 6 principles of Influence (check out his book Persuasion for an in depth study on this). These 6 principles are very often used in marketing to convince a buyer of the value and service they will get from a particular business and more importantly, to take action.

In your case, having the right address for your business creates the appearance of authority and scarcity in the mind of your buyer. Authority because you’re able to have your business located in one of the world’s leading capital cities, alongside other industry leaders and scarcity because you’re one of the privileged few who can afford to do it!

Here’s a quick breakdown of those principles that can help you relate to your customers and improve sales, and they don’t just apply to having your own virtual office.

We’re all more likely to buy from someone if:

  • We see them as a credible expert in their industry (they have authority in their field)
  • We regard them as a trusted friend or our trusted friends like them (likeability & rapport).
  • We feel we owe them something (reciprocity).
  • We feel committed to an existing belief or prior agreement (consistency & commitment).
  • We see the item we are interested in is also popular with others (consensus or social proof)
  • There is a limit to the availability of the item (scarcity). A classic example being ‘time limited’ offers or what we think about business who restrict the number of clients they take on.

Our virtual offices in London might be some of the best value around but don’t think of them as cheap virtual offices, think of them as one of the tools in your arsenal for persuading others of your value!