04 December, 2023

Complete Guide on How to Get a Virtual Office Address for Amazon Business

If you are considering starting an Amazon business, you absolutely need a business name and address on your seller’s profile. Small businesses with no shopfront or public traffic may be tempted to list their home address in the public domain. But, for security reasons, displaying your home address is a bad idea, especially because there are better options, like a virtual office address.

Complete Guide on How to Get a Virtual Office Address for Amazon Business

A virtual office address allows businesses to register in any location in the world, and Amazon sellers can leverage this to prove their credibility. In this complete step-by-step guide, we will explain everything you need to know on how you can get a virtual business address for an Amazon business.

What is a Virtual Office Address, and Why is it Important for Amazon Sellers?

A virtual office address is a physical space that gives hybrid, remote, and distributed businesses a street address in prime locations where they can receive office-related post and packages. You also have the option of storing, forwarding, and discarding your deliveries, which can be quite convenient for mail handling.

Another way how Amazon sellers can benefit from this street address is by using this service to protect their personal space from competitors, intrusive customers, and strangers because you are not using their home address for the Amazon shop. As a matter of fact, virtual business addresses for Amazon sellers can be attached to big office buildings, hence boosting your brand’s prestige and credibility.

Steps to Receiving a Virtual Office Address

To get an Amazon’s virtual business address, we recommend the following step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Determine your Business Needs and Budget

Before choosing the best virtual office for your Amazon business, you need to draw up a mind map of what you need. First, do your own research and determine the key offerings of different virtual office providers. Also, check if you want additional virtual office features such as client meeting rooms, live receptionists, coworking space, and call forwarding.

Step 2: Research and compare virtual office providers

Limit your virtual office provider options to those within your budget and with the best terms that align with your needs. You don't want to overpay for, let’s say, a meeting room feature if you don't have any meetings. Be sure to check out our guide on how to get a virtual business address for Amazon and other businesses.

Step 3: Select a virtual office package and sign up

When you choose your preferred virtual office provider, select a package depending on your needs and goals, and then simply sign up.

Step 4: Submit the necessary documentation and complete the verification

Proceed to provide the necessary documents such as EIN, proof of address, virtual business bank account, registered office address, personal ID numbers, and more. Note that while most virtual office address providers like DaVinci require set-up fees, some others do not.

Step 5: Start using your virtual office address for Amazon seller registration

Viola! You can now log on to your Amazon profile and start using your virtual office address to handle your online logistics.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Office Address for Amazon Sellers

Here is what you’ll get when you purchase a virtual business address for Amazon business.

1. Improved Credibility and Professionalism

Amazon Marketplace is quite competitive, and you either stand out or get drowned in the pages. One way of setting your business apart from competitors is by giving your business a professional outlook. A virtual office address for Amazon sellers is what helps businesses maintain a professional image and attract serious customers.

2. Increased Privacy and Security

As a rule of thumb, safety is a top priority, and putting your business address on your profile for all eyes on the internet can be a massive security breach. Registering with a virtual office prevents you from disclosing personal information about your home address.

3. Enhanced Flexibility and Convenience

The beauty of an Amazon seller's virtual business address is that you can take charge of your deliveries from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

4. Access to Additional Business Services and Amenities

Apart from using your Amazon virtual business email address to receive post, you also have the option of upgrading to a virtual office with additional offerings such as virtual meeting rooms, live receptionist, and call answering services.

5. Cost Savings Compared to Traditional Office Leasing

Using a virtual address for company registration is a thousand times cheaper than renting a traditional office space. This is especially beneficial for small businesses running on a tight budget.

Tips for Choosing the Right Virtual Office Address Provider

Some tips on how to select the right Amazon seller’s virtual office address provider include:

1. Look for a provider with a reputable business address

When getting a virtual office for Amazon business, go for one in a reputable building in your location of choice. The advantage is that customers will trust you easily and choose you over competitors.

2. Choose a provider with flexible plans and pricing

Always go for virtual office providers that offer plans that can be customised to your specific needs.

3. Ensure the provider offers mail forwarding and package handling services

Mail forwarding and package handling are key features of a virtual address. This allows you to forward your post to your home address and handle them as you deem fit for the smooth operations of your business.

4. Consider additional services such as virtual receptionists and meeting room rentals

Be sure the provider offers other features you may need at some point as your business grows. These solutions can include a live receptionist, exclusive telephone number, conference room, personalised messaging, etc.

Consider The Hoxton Mix as Your Trusted Partner

Now, you know how to get a virtual office for Amazon. And we at the Hoxton Mix are ready to help you with that. With us, setting up an Amazon virtual office address in a prime location in London takes a few minutes. We value your satisfaction, so we maintain transparent offerings with clear pricing and features. We want your Amazon business to excel online, so we’ll make sure all your needs for a virtual office address are well-catered for.

If you set up a virtual office with us, you can work from anywhere and improve your Amazon business image. What’s more? You won’t pay a set-up fee and can cancel anytime. Sign up today and choose one of our plans!


How can I edit an Amazon business address?

To edit your Amazon business address, click on the tabs in the following sequence: Settings > Account Info > Business Profile Amazon Pay > Edit > Update.

How can I get a virtual office for Amazon?

To get a virtual office, you need to determine your business goals and needs, choose a reliable provider, select the most suitable package, and provide the necessary documents.

How can I move an Amazon delivery to a business address?

While selecting your Order Details, change your usual shipping address to a business one to receive an Amazon delivery to a business address. Then, it can be forwarded to your physical address by your virtual office provider.

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