08 June, 2017

Make the City of London your office!

If you’re considering a Virtual Office with The Hoxton Mix the chances are you’ve already considered the freedom that can come from being location independent. But have you considered how choosing your location for work will affect your work itself? Maybe you’re not into the more American approaches for getting “Peak Performance” or “Into the zone!” but it is important to recognise what environment puts you in the best state for getting work done. So when it comes to your “office” why not take full advantage of the fact that you can probably work from almost anywhere.

Imagine this, if the great works of Canaletto visually inspire you, why not take your laptop to the National Gallery. Or does the view over the Thames float your boat (pun intended), then head over to the Festival Hall. Here are 4 locations we think would be a great place to get your head in gear while remote working. Why not take the opportunity to be inspired and create an optimal mental state for you to work.

Royal Festival Hall

For someone who likes the “buzz” in the background!

The festival Hall is based on the South Bank among a complex of great arts venues but it’s on the upper floors here that you’ll get a great view of the Thames and the north Embankment. It’s a very bright and spacious venue with large amounts of glass on the front wall bringing in light and creating the opportunity to see the panorama. If you need a pit stop there are so many cafes and restaurants to choose from it’s hard to know where to begin. Bear in mind this is a very busy venue with tourists and people out for a stroll constantly wondering in and out, so it can get quite busy and noisy (not to mention the various foyer events that can happen). However, there are plenty of small tables and chairs dotted around on various floors and if you go looking, you’re bound to find a quiet corner.

Barbican Centre

For someone who needs the calm and quiet.

Another great centre for the arts, the Barbican is predominantly focused on Music and Drama. This is a much darker indoor environment with almost the exact opposite amount of window real-estate in comparison to the Festival Hall. Lighting is very soft and the exposed concrete almost gives an impression of being a huge underground warren. Again here are plenty of comfortable chairs and tables on the ground and first floor (mezzanine level). It’s generally a very quiet location with a cafe and restaurant for your food needs and very nice toilets on the lower ground floor. Being in the heart of The City of London it doesn’t have the flow of people that the Southbank sees throughout the day and is generally a much more sedate affair with less of a view until you wander outside to see the architecture.

The National Gallery

A bit of both

The National Gallery obviously has its fair share of tourists and school art classes everyday but being a gallery, visitors are often much more subdued than you might find at the South bank. So if you’re looking for a balance between calm with people around and a lot to visually inspire you, this would be a good option. Note: This might not be as comfortable a location however as in general, seating is set up for viewing paintings rather than providing small work desks.

The Hoxton Mix

Well we couldn’t have a review like this and not mention ourselves could we! Our origins are in co-working space and although our focus is now on Virtual Offices we still have one or two desks available from time to time for the right person. If you need a desk to work from within a community of like minded business owners and entrepreneurs do get in touch. Btw – We’ve got beer in the fridge and a BBQ on the balcony!

So this week, will you be working from your home office, a public space or somewhere else. What’s the best place you’ve worked from so far?!

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