29 January, 2018

A Look Back at the Hoxton Mix Hackadram for William Grant & Sons

The Hoxton Mix has a history of organising innovative and exciting hackathons for various esteemed companies, from Unilever to Durex. This time, we're taking a look back at the unique Hackadram event that we organised for William Grant & Sons, a premium spirits company known for their world-renowned brands such as Glenfiddich, Monkey Shoulder, and Hendricks.

Defining the Future of Spirits: Hackadram was a two-day event held in January 2018, aiming to shape the future of spirits around the world. William Grant & Sons sought to collaborate with specialists to address the future challenges faced by the company. Participants were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to key decision-makers, with the chance to see their solutions commissioned and implemented.

Unleashing Creativity: The Hackadram event stood out for its open-minded, loose-format sessions, which encouraged participants to think outside the box. By removing the constraints of forced innovation, the event kept fun and creativity at the heart of the process, allowing participants to develop their ideas in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Challenges and Teams: The Hackadram event featured four diverse challenges, ranging from the drinking experience to the future of e-commerce and bartender engagement. Participants could join the event as a team or attend individually and form a team on the day itself. This flexibility encouraged collaboration and fostered new connections between like-minded individuals.

Pitching Ideas and Prizes: Participants were encouraged to bring their best concepts and teams or form a team on the day to pitch their ideas. The winning team not only had the chance to secure a contract to launch their project but also received some of the latest tech prizes as a reward for their innovative solutions.

Intellectual Property and Commissioning: All ideas presented during the Hackadram remained the Intellectual Property of the participants. William Grant & Sons showed their commitment to innovation by investing in the best ideas generated during the event, potentially commissioning projects that met the challenges presented.

Conclusion: The Hoxton Mix Hackadram for William Grant & Sons was a successful event that brought together creative minds to address the future challenges of the premium spirits industry. Through collaboration, open-mindedness, and a focus on fun, the event showcased the power of innovation in shaping the future of spirits worldwide.

Relive the excitement and creativity of the Hoxton Mix Hackadram for William Grant & Sons by checking out our video recap.

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