25 October, 2022

Newsflash: Your Exclusive Discount on Pay Monthly Business Insurance with our Partner, Superscript

We’re excited to share with you that we’re taking our offering to the next level, starting with a partnership with five-star Trustpilot- rated business insurance provider Superscript.

Exclusive discount with our partner Superscript

What’s the deal? 

Hoxton Mix members get their first month of cover completely free

Why we’ve picked Superscript

While there are hundreds of business insurance providers out there, after reviewing the market it was clear that Superscript aligned closely with key aspects of our mission: affordability, knowledge and support.

Superscript exists to make business insurance accessible to all businesses, no matter how small. This means: 

  • Tailored policies so that you only pay for what you need.
  • The ability to adjust your cover whenever you like (with no admin fees).
  • Caring customer support, available online or over the phone.
  • Monthly payment optionss by default, allowing you to spread the cost. which is kinder on your cash flow.
  • All cover documents and policy information accessible online via your customer account. 

Furthermore, it's easy and quick to set up. Getting your quote online takes less than ten minutes.

What covers do Superscript offer? 

The best way to find out is by starting your quote, as the options you’ll be presented with are tailored to meet the needs of your business type. 

Some of the main types of insurance policies Superscript offers include: 

  • Public liability: Designed for any businesses that comes into contact with members of the public non-employees. Concerns property damage and injury - a slip on the floor, a spill on a client’s laptop. 
  • Professional indemnity: Your contracts, covered. Designed to cover legal and compensation costs if a client were to sue you for breach of contract or financial loss due to your services.  
  • Employers’ liability: A legal requirement in the UK for the vast majority of businesses with any employees (there are a few exceptions, which are detailed in The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Act) Guide 1969. Not having it in place can result in fines of up to £2,500 for each day you don’t have it. 
  • Business contents: Exactly what it sounds like! Cover for your business equipment (e.g. computers) and things like office furniture. 
  • Directors’ and Officers’ insurance (D&O): If you’re looking for investment, D&O insurance is one to think about. It covers claims made personally against those in management positions and is often required by investors.    
  • Cyber insurance: Got data? Cyber cover is important a must for any business dependent on computers or holding personal data. It’s important to bear in mind that as a business grows, it typically becomes a bigger target for cybercriminals, so cyber insurance needs do change over time. 
  • Legal protection insurance: Designed to give small businesses access to the same level of commercial legal support as larger businesses with in-house legal teams.

Future plans

The Hoxton Mix’s marketplace is on the horizon. We plan to offer a range of additional company partnerships across useful services like Banking, Business Credit, Insurance, Pensions, Accounting, and Legal. 

We’re super excited to be kicking things off with Superscript, as we believe its services are bound to help countless small businesses scale and improve their operations—and this is only one step towards our exciting future. Stay tuned to see what other providers we add to our upcoming marketplace!  


Why is business insurance necessary?

Business insurance provides protection against unforeseen circumstances, such as accidents, theft, or lawsuits. Some insurance types, like employers’ liability, are mandatory by law in the UK, while others offer peace of mind and can foster trust among clients and customers.

Which business insurance is compulsory in the UK?

Employers’ liability insurance is mandatory for businesses with employees, subcontractors, or interns. It covers claims resulting from disease, injury, illness, or death sustained while working.

Are there other types of optional business insurance?

Yes. Depending on your business operations and risks, you might consider: Public liability insurance, Professional indemnity insurance, Product liability insurance, Property insurance, Business interruption insurance, Invoice insurance, Legal protection insurance, Tax investigation insurance, Cyber insurance and Key person insurance.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers damages to third parties or their property during the course of business. It is essential for businesses that have physical interactions with clients or the general public.

How does professional indemnity insurance help?

This insurance is for businesses offering expertise-based services, like consulting. It protects against negligence claims and the loss of documents or data.

What is covered under product liability insurance?

It covers injuries or damages caused by products sold by a business. Businesses might be liable even if a product is misused, making this insurance vital for many sellers.

How does invoice insurance benefit businesses?

Invoice insurance helps businesses recover losses if a client becomes insolvent and doesn't pay their invoices.

Why consider cyber insurance?

With the rising threats of hacks and cyber attacks, cyber insurance offers protection against potential losses from such incidents, provided businesses have taken suitable precautions.

What is 'Key person insurance'?

This insurance compensates a business if a crucial employee, like a director, becomes incapacitated due to illness, death, or disability.

How can I choose the right business insurance?

Focus on the unique needs and risks associated with your business. For comprehensive options tailored to your needs, visit the Superscript.

Are business insurance premiums tax-deductible?

Yes, in the UK, business insurance premiums are considered an 'allowable expense', which means they can be deducted from income when calculating taxable profits.

Where can I find and compare Superscript business insurance options and benefit from special offers?

You can explore a range of Superscript business insurance options, along with exclusive offers and promotions tailored for businesses, on the Hoxton Mix Marketplace. Make sure to check regularly as they frequently update their deals to cater to the evolving needs of businesses.

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