06 June, 2018

7 Key Advantages of Using a Phone Answering Service

Do you want to spend your time building your business instead of answering phone calls? If so, click here to find out the 7 key advantages that come with using a phone answering service.

You’re passionate about running your business. But that doesn’t mean you’re passionate about answering calls. Unfortunately, if you don’t take calls, you likely don’t have much of a business.

That’s where a phone answering service comes in. An increasing number of small businesses and startups are using this type of service to operate more efficiently and professionally.

Do you want to spend your time building your business instead of answering phone calls? Here’s a rundown of the seven key advantages of using a phone answering service.

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1. A Phone Answering Service Can Save You Both Money and Time

This type of service will free up time to focus on other important parts of running a business, which means you’ll also save money. After all, time is money.

However, your monetary savings will come in other ways, too. For instance, you don’t have to worry about hiring employees to answer the calls that come into your business.

It can easily cost you thousands to search for, hire and train a brand-new employee. On top of that, you can expect to shell out around £27,000 a year in salary — and that doesn’t include worker’s compensation benefits, sick days, holidays, bonuses, payroll taxes and other employment-related expenses.

Plus, you’ll have to take time to train this new employee as well as monitor the individual’s work to make sure that he or she is professional enough. If not, you’ll have to adjust your training accordingly.

Then, you’ll need to complete performance reviews as well as address any questions or concerns your receptionist has. Unfortunately, if a receptionist ends up not being the greatest fit for your business, you’ll have to take the necessary steps to give him or her the sack.

All of these steps are managerial tasks you don’t have to worry about doing in 2018 thanks to answering services.

Even if you end up with a seemingly perfect receptionist, you’ll receive phone coverage only eight hours a day. What happens during the rest of the 16 hours of the day?

An answering service fixes this problem by giving you around-the-clock coverage for a fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist. In other words, with an answering service, you can enjoy both a fixed cost and cost-effectiveness.

The more cost-effective, efficient and accurate you are, the more profitable you can be. And face it — your bottom line is what truly matters in the end.

2. It is Dependable

Another reason to use answering service companies? They are often more reliable than your own receptionist may be.

With an in-house receptionist, you have no choice but to do deal with scheduling problems such as holiday requests and even illnesses. But with an answering service, you won’t face these issues, thus making life a lot less complicated for you.

3. It Makes Voicemail Unnecessary

Nobody likes voicemail. Your customers are no exception.

So, one of the best ways of making your customer’s day is to have someone answer his or her call on the first ring. This is much better than requiring the customer to leave a voicemail and then wait for you to call him or her back “at our earliest convenience.”

In many cases, customers will hang up instead of leaving messages. Another problem with voicemail is that sometimes voice messages are inadvertently deleted. Even if they are retained, they may be so unclear that what customers are saying in them are unintelligible.

An answering service provides greater accuracy and the human touch you naturally want your business to offer.

4. It Prevents You from Missing Important Calls

Answering services are also great for keeping companies from missing out on possible new business.

When you’re in a busy season, and business gets hectic, you can easily miss essential calls from suppliers and existing clients. With an answering service, you don’t have to miss key telephone calls during your peak times ever again.

5. It Allows You to Compete Effectively

In today’s competitive business world, being an entrepreneur is like being a racer. You’re constantly trying to keep up or stay ahead. Fortunately, an answering service can help you to do this in the area of customer service.

Think about it: Not too many small businesses offer 24/7 phone service. By doing this, you carve out a possible advantage by giving yourself the chance to land lifetime customers who chose you over another company simply because you were available to take their calls.

6. It Keeps You Sounding Professional

As a small business or startup, you want people outside of your company to take you seriously.

Fortunately, answering services that are tailored to your particular company can make this happen. With the right service, you can make sure that phone calls to your company are answered professionally. Plus, a 24/7 answering service will make your company sound and seem bigger in the customers’ eyes, so they won’t think twice about choosing you over a larger company.

7. It Allows You to Meet Customers’ Individual Needs

With a professional answering service, you can easily customize your callers’ experiences. For instance, if a customer has a particular question about a specific product, you can make sure that the answering service has the necessary information for addressing this question at the outset.

The goal of a top-of-the-line answering service is to deliver to your customers the right assistance and answers your customers need day or night.

How We Can Help

We offer a top-of-the-line phone answering service so that you no longer have to deal with nuisance phone calls or miss important calls.

With Receivr, you’ll have your own virtual landline and personal receptionist without the need for expensive overheads.

So, if you’re in a meeting, we’ll have a highly trained receptionist answer phone calls on behalf of your company. Then, we’ll either take your callers’ messages or forward them to you or another team member.

Our goal is to help you to run your business more successfully. Get in touch with us to find out more about how an answering service can add value to your company this year.

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