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Space for businesses that work for the community and empower
social impact

With spiralling rents and rates affordable space is in short supply, we have set out a transparent and fair mechanism to choose who can benefit from a subsidised workspace.

Level Up Bursary Programme Our target is 20% of companies at The Hoxton Mix will benefit from a bursary programme, which will be made available for those from lesser opportunity backgrounds, charities, and social impact organisations.

Additionally, local charities and community engagement groups will be able to use our meeting rooms free of charge.


Strength is our diversity

Level Up

Meet UpOffice

Level up

The Level Up Bursary Programme equity-free support, community driven

The Level Up Bursary Programme runs for a period of six months and provides free access to workspace, mentorship, equity-free support, and the community.

After six months, there is a presentation and review process. If we feel you have been successful with your business, you could be given another six months at 50% off the standard membership rate.

This approach ensures the Bursary Programme promotes a new cycle of business growth and success, while will continuing to support existing alumni.

Eligibility includes:

  1. You are from a not-for-profit organisation which can demonstrate a social impact
  2. You are a charity organisation which is less than 12 months old
  3. You have been unemployed for six months or longer (not by your own choice)

Level UpLevel Up

We grow with you

Affordable membership that grows with you

Our membership model helps to subsidise rent for new members through bursaries.

The Hoxton Mix workspace is not-for-profit and run on a membership model, with access by membership level – members can start with a 50 hours a month hot desk and upgrade as necessary. Membership packages range from £75pm + VAT/month for 50 hours’ access to £250/ month for a fixed desk and unlimited access.

Our membership model helps to subsidise rent for new members through bursaries.

Move-on space / Private Offices

As a business grows, it can often be challenging to find suitable workspace. This can result in a threat to the business, as it is required to find new space. The Hoxton Mix, also risk losing the investment in a business, which then moves away when they grow.

To meet our deliverable of retaining established companies, The Hoxton Mix offers a variety of Move-on space that is ideally suited for growing businesses. Private Office tenants have the luxury of working independently in an enclosed office while being plugged into a community.


Community focused, support driven .

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Strength is our diversity

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