13 August, 2018

All About Serviced Offices: 7 Reasons to Consider a Serviced Office Space

Virtual offices, co-working spaces, serviced offices – there are alternatives to choose from when a long-term lease on a prime office location isn’t a viable option for your company.Here are 7 reasons to consider a serviced office space.

Do you find you always have too much or too little space in your office? Do you feel like you’re spending way too much to keep the lights on? You probably are.

It’s time to discover the benefits of serviced offices. Here are the 7 best reasons to rent a serviced office. Read on to see how a serviced office can help your business.

What Are Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices, often called virtual or managed offices, are fully-equipped offices available for short-term lease. A third party who rents out the use of the office to anyone who needs it owns and takes cares of the office and equipment.

It’s sort of like a laundromat for businesses. Only, instead of bringing your laundry, you bring your business and staff.

The rent is a bit higher than a traditional office, but a traditional office has many other expenses that you don’t have to pay with a serviced office. Because of this, there are many ways a virtual office actually saves you money.

1. You Only Pay For What You Need

With serviced offices, you only pay for exactly what you need. You can pay for one room or a whole floor. If all you need is a conference room on Saturdays, then a Saturday conference room is all you pay for.

Plus, you only pay for the specific office services you need. Pick out exactly what equipment or amenities you need for your business and only pay for those. You can even pay for additional staff and staff services, such as a phone answering service.

2. It Solves Scalability Problems

This is great news for anyone who needs to upscale or downscale their business–in other words, all business owners. Upscaling and downscaling is unavoidable.

Some businesses change size seasonally or even several times per year. Traditionally, this leaves you with too much or too little office space for your business.

Then, you end up either paying for more space than you need or having to relocate. The latter is difficult, time-consuming and very expensive.

Plus, it won’t be too long before this happens again. Your business will grow or shrink and you’ll have to address this problem all over again.

A virtual office eliminates this problem. If you need more space, staff or equipment, rent more. If you are paying for more than you need, rent less.

Address upscaling or downscaling with a virtual office.

3. More Flexibility

Similarly, you only pay for the amount of time you need. You can rent month-to-month or pay for a single day. You can even rent by the hour!

The applications of serviced offices’ short-term leases are limitless. But the two best ones are relocating your business and testing new markets.

4. Hassle-Free Relocating

As we’ve stated above, relocating is expensive and time-consuming. You need to scout out locations to find an office of the right size, price, and location to meet your needs.

Then, you’ll need to move all your furniture and equipment to the new location. Either that or spend even more time and money buying new equipment.

Worst of all, your business is completely halted the entire time you are moving. You may lose entire weeks of work time.

But what if you didn’t have to move? What if there were a fully-equipped, ready-to-use office waiting for you and your team?

With a virtual office, there’s no need to relocate at all. Leave your old office and equipment and direct your staff to a nearby serviced office. It’s that easy.

5. Test New Markets Easily

Likewise, you can test markets in any location and for any length of time using serviced offices. You can instantly set up shop anywhere in the world because it’s already set up for you.

You can test any new market or multiple markets for as long as you want. If things are going well, you can stay. If the new market’s not working out, you can leave.

And there’s no need to relocate any of your staff. You can also staff the location through the serviced office provider and manage it remotely.


What a sigh of relief it is not to worry about office and equipment maintenance anymore. The owner takes care of the business and equipment. Any repairs, replacements or regular maintenance are completely handled by them.

In a traditional office, you’d have to make arrangements with maintenance and cleaning companies for upkeep. Added together, these services can cost much more than the higher rent of a virtual office. The average office maintenance cost is more than 14 pounds per square meter.

A virtual office incorporates rent and maintenance costs in a single, static office bill. It makes it much easier to manage your expenses than with the unpredictable maintenance fees of a traditional office.

In a serviced office, you’ll never again have to spend the time or money to address maintenance issues yourself. This is a major reason why the higher rent of a serviced office is worth it.

7. It’s More Efficient For Your Business

And that’s not to mention the cost of the time you lose focusing on office maintenance instead of on your business.

Basex, a business research firm, estimates that the average office employee loses more than 2 hours of productivity per day to such distractions. They estimate the total yearly cost of this to American businesses is more than $750 billion.

By taking care of maintenance, your serviced office removes all non-business distractions from your workday. You free up all the time you would have spent making appointments and financial preparations. You are now able to spend 100% of your work time focusing on running your business.

Plus, the building and equipment you use are in excellent condition. You will suffer no more business delays due to building repairs or faulty office equipment. Even if such maintenance is necessary, your serviced office provider can move your team to another room or floor in the same building.

A virtual office sets you up for success more than a traditional office.

What Could Serviced Offices Do For Your Business?

After reading these reasons, It’s easy to see the advantages that serviced offices have over traditional offices. Which of these advantages would help your business the most?

Now, see for yourself how fast and easy it is to reap all the benefits on this list. Click here to check out our various virtual office services.

These benefits could be yours today. Get started now!

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