01 July, 2019

The Best Project Management Tools for Small Businesses

According to the Hive, 77% of high-performance projects use management software. Are you taking part in small business project management? You probably have had a hard time at the workplace simply because you haven’t come across efficient project management tools.

To make work smooth and more manageable, you have to consider tools made for that job. If you adopt the right tools, it will be easier to streamline your undertaking and achieve the desired results.

This article takes you around the best project management tools your small businesses. Read on.

1. Asana

Looking for project management software with multiple project management styles? Asana stands out as one of the most effective administration software ever. It is both mobile and web-based to facilitate effortless cooperation among teams at every step of the project.

This software has an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed with a straightforward hierarchy. Asana is highly flexible in such a way that it minimizes errors made during project creation. Its default set up is open-ended, allowing you to create tasks and templates without complications.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is among the most popular project management apps among business entities. It features a solid reputation among more than 2.5 million users globally. It is classic and lively with many necessary tools to help handle all your projects.

If you want smooth communication, well-highlighted projects, and milestones, there isn’t a better option. With this app, you can send notifications and direct messages to your team for streamlined operations. The discussion board makes this app one of its kind and a favorite for many.

With Basecamp, you have a cheap, favorite software to manage your small business. It is all inclusive and doesn’t discriminate small or big businesses.

3. Wrike

This app offers a simplified solution and email collaboration. If you target multi-user assignments, Wrike is probably the most appropriate option to go for. It enables you to set up projects with minimal effort.

To avoid the challenges of balancing your workload, Wrike is a great option. It has an excellent user interface and task hierarchy. Besides, it comes with a more organised structure, enabling you to standardise information.

For small businesses, it is cheap, and users do not have to part with substantial amounts.

4. Active Collab

This app is simple yet very powerful when it comes to project management. It has a plentiful of add-ons, which makes it a one-stop solution to projects. This software helps you and your team stay much organised and on track.

This small business project management solution comes with a list-to-do option. This feature assists in tracking and streamlining operations. If you are concerned about team chat, time tracking, invoicing, and functionality, then you have an ally in active Collab.

With a 30-day trial period, you can establish whether it’s the right option for you or not.

5. Teamwork Projects

This web-based software comes with a wide array of features at a low cost. With Teamwork Projects, you can do the following;

  • Create milestones
  • Manage task
  • Communicate with the team
  • Track time
  • Bill clients

Teamwork Projects is an all-inclusive app that maintains maximum cooperation in the workplace. Popular integrations include Box, OneDrive, Xero, Freshbooks, and Zendesk. It is handy for use on the smartphone and is accessible any day, anytime.


For large businesses and freelancing, this is an excellent app that gives value for money. It has a superb user interface that you can navigate with ease. It is an all-in-one project management app that is worth investing for.

The left bar of the app provides easy access to invoices, projects, and clients, among others. It also shows all assigned projects and billable items. You have total flexibility on the functionality of the app, which makes it easy to manage projects.

AND CO has a built-in project management tool, which means you can monitor work progress.

7. Paymo

Are you working with project management software that requires large invoices? Paymo does the trick where you have invoicing tied to your project management.

Due to its billing-centric format, projects are set up according to clients. Paymo tracks time and creates invoices as per client. It is a vigorous and affordable option for handling tasks for multiple team members.

8. Quire

This app is highly practical, intuitive, and demonstrates high levels of simplicity. This tool was designed with small businesses in mind. It blocks out the trivial tasks helping team members to concentrate on what is required from them.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, this app breaks down large tasks into sizeable bits that are easy to take on. Besides, it tracks work progress to establish the due, pending, unassigned, or delayed work. With Quire, you have more manageable projects.

9. Trello

This software gives a shared perceptive of any project. It’s free and a great deal for startups and freelancers looking to manage small projects. If you are concerned about visual characteristics, this software is probably a great deal to you.

You can create a list of things-to-do and track progress. Also, you can classify projects as per their status (in progress, done, or due). It is simple and effective, and that’s why many startups go for it.

10. Apollo

Apollo allows small business project managers to organise and prioritise tasks accordingly. This software has the following;

  • Time tracker
  • Task lists
  • Schedules
  • Milestone
  • Contact list

These are the main components of this app that makes it a great alternative to many. Other features such as iCall feeds, email integration, and recurring tasks add to the already friendly support.

Why Choose These Small Business Project Management Tools?

Up to this point, you must have had an insight into the best project management apps. They are reliable, easy to use, and comes along with many desirable options. Handling the situation at the workplace has become more comfortable thanks to these tools.

For small business project management activities, these tools are of great use. To avoid missing out on some work, or failing to adhere to deadlines, consider using these apps. Read our blog for more information on the business world.

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