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Offer your customers a prime London office address and
instantly create a significant recurring revenue
stream for your business.

Whether you are offering virtual office services via company formation, or simply as a value add for your customers,
you will benefit from hassle free recurring revenue when using our Konnect API.

How it works

Konnect Logovia company formation

Entrepreneurs are ready to create their new start-up.

They search for company formation and find your
microsite / landing page.

You offer them, not only company formation,
your product AND a prime London business
address with
paper free post handling.

That’s 2 things less to worry about! Plus, their
address is protected and they’re now
purely digital.

You get a new customer!
You get a new revenue stream!
Your CPA is far less than direct PPC advertising.

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Konnect Logoas a value add on

Businesses are ready to buy your product or service.
They start the check out process.

You offer them a prime London business address with
paper free post handling.

Their home address is protected and their post is now
fully digital! Awesome.

You get a new customer
You get a new hassle free recurring revenue stream.

Already providing VO services? Let our team take the
load off with KYC/AML checks, mail processing and
billing all taken care of by our professionally trained staff.

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Konnect API

Designed for
developers, a
powerful and
easy-to-use API

  • Powerful reliable API
  • Bank grade encryption
  • Full API documentation and SDKs
  • System uptime of 99.99% Guaranteed!
  • Development support for API integration
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Konnect Portal

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  • Real time business metrics dashboard
  • Full customer account management
  • Subscription management
  • System uptime of 99.99% Guaranteed!

Why The Hoxton Mix?

We’re passionate about entrepreneurship and helping businesses thrive.

We’re passionate about entrepreneurship and helping businesses thrive.

We’re a trusted operator - thousands of customers millions of mail items processed

Trusted by Tide, Anna, OSOME, Crunch, Ember

KYC and AML compliance

Second to none customer support.

Cyber Essentials Accreditation


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Thousands of companies have trusted us with over a million pieces of mail.

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Reduce waste

All scans are done in high resolution then converted to PDF with full text search. We securely shred documents onsite and recycle paper using our commercial recycling expert Paper Round.

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Bank-grade Encryption

All data is encrypted via 256 SSL.

Company Formation

partners for
a different
kind of
virtual office

Frequently Asked Questions

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Use company formation and a virtual office addresses
boost your revenue?

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