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Choosing a business bank account

As you get started with a new business, having a bank account that you can receive and make payments from will be vital. We’re pretty sure you already realise this, but did you know there are different types of bank accounts that would be more suitable for you depending on what type of business you have. And did you know that some will charge you more or less bank fees for the account you choose? In fact these days some of the more progressive app based bank accounts will help make doing your accounts really easy too.

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How to improve your customer loyalty

At the end of the day we all want our existing customers to keep coming back to us for the things that we sell and not run off to the competition! Now you might think it’s good enough to simply keep providing the service your customer wants at a good price, “What else do you need to do?” you might ask. Continue Reading


Top 9 tips for starting your business on a shoestring budget!

It’s one of the most exciting things you can do to start your own business! The prospect of “being your own boss” can be enthralling if not fill you with a great sense of freedom! But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s gonna be easy… If you’ve been providing a particular service or product as an employee you’re going to go from being an important part of the larger machine to being the person who runs the whole machine. Now you’ve not only got to provide the service (whether that’s selling widgets or designing apps) you’ll have to be the business leader, the manager and the technician all rolled into one. And even if you’ve got enough budget for employee #1 or to take on a freelancer or two, you’ll still be responsible for the lot… The buck, as they say, stops with you!

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