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A Full Guide to Business Mail Redirection

A Full Guide to Business Mail Redirection: Redirect Your Post Without Any Obstacles

20 September, 2022

Business mail redirection isn’t a new concept; various iterations of a basic UK post redirection service have existed for decades, at this point.

How To Register A Company In The UK?

How to Register a Company in the UK: Terms, Required Documents and Tips to Follow

20 September, 2022

Find out more about how to register your new company in the UK, and which company type will suit you best, using this handy guide from Hoxton Mix.

Virtual Mailing Addresses for Business 

Virtual Business Mailing Address: the Best Solution for Business

23 August, 2022

Learn how to get a virtual UK mailing address for your business and why some business choose virtual services over standard office addresses.

Starting a Business While Employed in the UK [All Considerations]

Running Your Own Business While Still Employed: All Considerations You Should Know

23 August, 2022

In this article, we consider the practicalities of starting a business while employed, including the legal implications of doing so.

Virtual Office With Mail Forwarding: Cost and Principle of Work

Virtual Office Mail Forwarding: How Does It Work

23 August, 2022

Discover more about how virtual office mail forwarding from a prime London business address can benefit you and your business today.

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