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Virtual Office Benefits and Advantages

Virtual Office Benefits and Advantages

Virtual Office Benefits and Advantages

27 January, 2020

Remote working is the future, and more and more professionals are choosing the freelance life over permanent contracts. This makes the virtual office and virtual services market extremely important in shaping the next few decades of industry. As one of the leading virtual offices in London, with a prime location in trendy Shoreditch, we’ve seen an influx of freelance talent. But it’s not just sole traders and freelancers who benefits from having a virtual business address. 

For startups and entrepreneurs looking to launch, scale and grow their businesses in competitive markets, the virtual office benefits are endless. 

Here we look at some of the most important benefits of virtual offices compared to renting physical space or using a home address for correspondence. We also consider the leverage of being able to gain competitive advantage in your market. 

What are the benefits of a virtual office for small businesses?

Virtual offices are here to make your life easier. Here are some of the ways they do this:

  • Prime office address

Get a prime postcode for your business and boost your company credibility with potential clients and customers. While the cost of rent is high for physical office space in London’s top postcode areas, virtual offices are great value for money.

  • Keep your home address private

If you are registering a new business, using your home address means it will be made public to anyone who searches. A virtual office address means that details of your home stay private and protected. 

  • Save money

Cut costs and keep your overheads to a minimum by working remotely instead of renting expensive space. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world for commercial rent. If you are just starting out and you are able to be productive at home and manage teams remotely, a virtual office can be an excellent solution. 

  • Make a good first impression

Being able to appear professional and credible to clients or potential employees is one of the best virtual office benefits that businesses enjoy. At Hoxton Mix, we also have meeting rooms you can hire and co-working space for when you need to be in a proper office environment. You’ll have somewhere to meet with clients or conduct interviews, and our stylish Shoreditch offices will help you make the right impression. 

Competitive advantage over other businesses

As well as cutting your overheads and making your life easier as a remote business owner, one of the top benefits of virtual office rent is being able to gain a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry. 

Here are the virtual office advantages you’ll have:

  • Your business location

Using a prime London postcode instead of registering your home address gives your business credibility. It ensures that people - such as clients, partners and banks - take you seriously. It can also be the deciding factor for customers when choosing which brand to go with. For instance, the Shoreditch area attracts some of the best startups, tech companies and creative agencies in the UK. Having a virtual address here will give you a great competitive advantage.

  • Efficient processes

Without everyday office admin, maintenance and housekeeping issues to deal with, you can focus your energy on getting things done and delighting your clients. With our added services such as same day mail forwarding or digital forwarding, you can ensure that operations run smoothly and all bills, invoices and correspondence is dealt with in a timely manner. 

  • A professional meeting space

A virtual address provides more than a fancy postcode to put on your letterheads. You can also use our Hoxton Mix offices for meeting room hire. So while you get to work remotely and get a prime commercial address to impress your clients with, you’ll also have somewhere to hold meetings when you need to see them face to face. 

Virtual office benefits in London 

London is one of the most expensive cities for commercial rent, and contracts with landlords or property management firms can often be long and complicated. The benefit of having a virtual office is that you can get an impressive London address for a fraction of the price. 

The UK capital is one of the world’s leading finance hubs, and attracts billions of pounds in investment each year. The startup culture here is thriving, and it’s famous for East London Tech City, being home to the best technology firms in Europe.